Chereta/Bids/Tenders in Ethiopia have become major opportunities for businesses in Ethiopia. The government is the major player and most tenders are from the Government

1. Generator Tenders in Ethiopia

Generators are the most trending tenders in Ethiopia. Power is the main problem in Ethiopia, thus companies will need generator for their daily operations. Examples of institutions that buy generators are Every governmental organization, be it Federal, Regional, zones to wereda and down to kebele, generators are needed. Not only that but every bank needs generators, every hospital, every NGO needs to buy generators in Ethiopia. It is a must have tool for every organization.

2. Water Pump Tenders in Ethiopia

Water pumps also have a high demand and that is also why you see too many tenders for purchade of water pipes. It is mostly trending in the south region, Oromia, Amhara and other regions. Water is also another issue in Ethiopia.

3. IFRS Tenders in Ethiopia

As Ethiopian companies are obliged to switch to IFRS from GAAP in the coming years, we are seeing more and more of these tenders now as companies are buying consultancy tenders on the implementation of IFRS in Ethiopia. IFRS trainings are also trending but this industry is by far the most untapped industry. Not even 1% of companies have switched to IFRS. So accountants in the international accountancy like CPA and ACCA student must consider to finish their studies as soon as possible and to get their audit license fast.

4. Construction Tenders in Ethiopia

Construction tenders in Ethiopia are still number one in trends. But we put it in number four because it is always trending and it is not going to stop soon. They say construction is booming in Ethiopia but the country has a long way to go.

5. Consultancy Tenders in Ethiopia

Consultancy tenders in Ethiopia especially consultancy related to construction like engineering consultancy are very common.

Security guarding tenders are becoming common nowadays. More and more companies are outsourcing their securities but there is a shortage of companies in this regard. If more companies are established in this regard, outsourcing the security and cleaning will become the norm in few years.