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Wonchi Woreda Agricultural and Natural Resource Office

Ethiopian Herald Nov29,2020

Invitation for Bid (IFB)

IFB Title: Construction of Rome small scale Irrigation Project

The identification number of the NCB is: – RSSIP no.1 AGP II Rome

Small scale/irrigation project Date 20/03/13

1. Wonchi Woreda Agricultural and Natural Resource Office invites all eligible and qualified who are financial and technical capabilities to furnish the necessary labor, material, and equipment to undertake the construction of/1/one lots.




Bidder Category

(Professional practice)

Bid security or CPO amount Birr

Completion days(calendar days)







Rome small irrigation project

All Waterwork construction(WWC) and General construction(GC)


shall be 1% of the total price sum (excluding VAT)









  1. All Bidders are required to present
    • VAT Registration Certificate
    • Tin Number
    • Trade License on construction Service license renewed for 2013 E.C
    • Construction Certificate renewed for 2013 E.C
    • Valid tax clearance Certificate
    • Statement of visit of site
  2. Bidding will be conducted through NCB
  3. The bid must be accompanied by bid security or CPO made by the name of Wonchi Woreda Agricultural And Natural Resource Office and Bidding Document (one Original technical, Two copy of technical separately sealed (in Wax Glue) envelope and original technical, Two copies of technical document sealed in ( wax glue) in one technical offer envelope(marked as technical offer) as well as financial original and two copy separately sealed (wax glue ) and financial original and two copy separately sealed documents sealed in one financial offer (marked as financial offer) finally technical offer and financial offer sealed in one/1/ envelope
  4. The outer and inner envelope should have bidder address, seal, and sign (by a person who has an attorney to sign).
  5. The bidder shall fill in rates on the bill of quantities attached including amounts and totals sum with VAT for all items in a local currency, Ethiopian Birr (ETB).
  6. The bidder submits cost break down of unit rate analysis for each work items that considers the current market situation of the specific site similar to specification rate and shall be wax(glue) sealed envelope within original technical offer separately sealed envelope
  7. Bidder should purchase bid document starting from 20/03/13_E.C 19/04/13 E.C. Wonchi woreda Finance and Economic Cooperation Office upon Payment of a non-refundable fee of three hundred (300) ETB Birr.
  8.  In preparing the document bidders are expected to examine the bid data in the tender document.
  9. Bidder should be submitted bidding document before 8:00 local time on 20/04/13 E.C.at Wonchi woreda Finance and Economic Cooperation.
  10. Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders/ their representatives who choose to attend in person at 8:30 local time on 20/04/13 E.C. at Wonchi Woreda Finance and Economic cooperation Office
  11. Any Bid received by the client the deadline for submission of the bids will be subject to the client’s consideration of disqualification.
  12. Wonchi Woreda Agricultural and Natural Resource Office reserve the right to reject all or part of the bid.
  13. Full address:-Southwest Shoa zone, Wonchi woreda, Wonchi Woreda Agricultural and Natural Resource Office, Chitu town
  14. Telephone: 0113160003/0113160221