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Wollo University

Ethiopian Herald Aug11,2020



Wollo University Kombolcha Institute of Technology announced the bid opening date of construction management, highway, and geotechnical lab equipment (Lot 1) 

and structural engineering lab equipment (Lot-2) was extended the opening date of the bid due to the pandemic COVID 19 and the request of the bidders that the technology institute would like to extend it the opening dates of the bids for an unspecified date. But now the technology institute would like to proceed the bid and announce for all bidders that the bid will be closed at the 11th calendar day from this announcement date of the bid on Ethiopian Herald Newspaper at 10:00 AM(local time in the morning) and will be opened at the same date at 10:30 AM (local time in the morning). If the 11th calendar day from the 3rd announcement date of the bid on Ethiopian Herald Newspaper is not the working day, it will be closed on the next working date at 10:00 1M (local time in the morning) and will be opened at the same date at 10:30 AM (local time in the morning) 

Telephone no. 0338514120 

Wollo University Kombolcha Institute of Technology