Walia Cork Factory P.L.C.

Ethiopian Herald Oct1,2020


TENDER NO-OB 001/2020 

  1. WALIA CORK FACTORY P.L.C. invites interested eligible and qualified bidders for the purchase of different raw materials which is STEEL SHEETS, SVELON 855 WHITE PVC FREE LINER, HLACK 7024201 ADHESIVE LACQUER, HOLCK 7086702 WHITE BASE COAT, HOLACK 7084302 OVERPRINT VARNISH, SPLY CARTON BOX, AND SALE OF CROWN CORK SKELETON AND DIFFERENT BI-PRODUCT 
  2. Eligible bidders shall fulfill the following requirements 
  3. All interested eligible bidders are required to provide a renewed trade license, lax payer’s registration certificate, and VAT registration certificate and foreign bidders must submit business organization registration certificate or trade license issued by the country of establishment and Bidders can buy the Bid document by 200 Ethiopian Birr 
  4. Eligible bidders shall provide their proposal accompanied by a bid security having an amount of 1% of the total price in the form of C.P.O, or unconditional bank guarantee, bid bond, or Insurance bond 
  5. Bidders shall provide their technical proposal, financial proposal and bid security in separate envelops Each of the documents shall bave (Original’ and ‘Copy Bidders shall write as TECHNICAL ORIGINAL” “TECHNICAL COPY” “FINANCIAL ORIGINAL” and * FINANCIAL COPY”. 
  6. Bidders shall provide their documents starting from the first date of this advertisement posted in the Ethiopian Herald Newspaper and it will stay for 21 days. WALIA CORK FACTORY PLC, KOMBOLCHA or Addis Ababa Tiret Liaison Office Wollo Sefer Ambasel building 6th floor, and the bidder should send the bid document in sealed envelope written in English. The bidders can see the crown cork skeleton and different bi-products at the factory located in south Wollo administration zone kombolcha wereda, kebele 04 
  7. The bid will be closed on 22nd date at 9:00 AM in the morning and the bid will be opened in front of bidders or representatives on 22nd date at 9:30 AM in the moming, if it is a holiday or weekend day it will be opened on the next working day at Addis Ababa Tiret Liaison Office Wollo Sefer Ambasel building 
  8. Walia Cork Factory PLC reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids. 
  9. If Bidders want additional information they may obtain with the following address: 
  10. Walia Cork Factory PLC Tel: +251333510052/19