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A  project to define and map COVID-19 vulnerability in Addis Ababa

 CLOSING DATE: [January 26, 2021]

i.            Statement of Confidentiality

This Request for Proposal (RFP) contains confidential and proprietary information that is the property of Vital Strategies, which is provided for the sole purpose of permitting the recipient to respond to the RFP. The recipient agrees to maintain such information in confidence and not to copy nor disclose this information to any person outside the group directly responsible for responding to its contents. The contents of this document may not be used for any purpose other than the preparation of a response to this RFP.

ii.            Introduction

a.  About this Request for Proposals

Although COVID-19 affects all segments of society, some are at a higher risk of acquiring the infection and/or are more likely to have severe outcome if infected. For instance, the elderly, immunosuppressed patients, and those with co-morbidities like heart disease and diabetes are disproportionately severely impacted by COVID-19. It is therefore abundantly clear that the unique needs of such vulnerable groups must be addressed to reduce morbidity and mortality due to COVID-19. However, to do this in any locality, it is first important to identify vulnerable groups based on predetermined criteria and once identified, context-specific strategies can be developed to address and better protect these groups.

b.  About Vital Strategies


We are a global health organization that envisions a world where every person is protected by a strong public health system. We build programs to improve public health around the world. Our distinctive approach bridges the gap between public health needs and their solutions, with a focus on rapid, large-scale impact. We achieve this through public health intelligence, institutional strengthening, and strategic communication and advocacy. There are a variety of Vital Strategies programs/initiatives in Ethiopia, including the initiatives Cardiovascular Health, Prevent Epidemics, and Partnership for Healthy Cities.

For more information about Vital Strategies, please visit www.vitalstrategies.org

iii.            Project Overview

Addis Ababa City has been severely affected by the COVID-19 outbreak with consistently high positivity rate as well as CFR recorded throughout the outbreak. Given that vulnerable populations are disproportionately affected by COVID-19 and also have a higher likelihood of developing severe illness, Vital Strategies’ Partnership for Healthy Cities and Cardiovascular Health initiatives have initiated this project. The project aims to define vulnerable/high risk groups, map, and establish a system/tool to register these groups. The project also aims to screen these groups for hypertension, linking them with the existing health facilities for management. It will also provide baseline information and creates a platform for further preventive activities.


iv.            Agency task

The successful bidder will be expected to develop or amend existing COVID-19 vulnerability mapping  tool, coordinate targeted hypertension screening among vulnerable groups, and develop a strategy for the City to better protect these groups.

Activities will include but are not limited to

Phase 1


Preparing vulnerability criteria and registering and mapping vulnerable groups with a protection strategy developed subsequently

Suggested activities


      Prepare or adapt tools to define and register the vulnerable individuals in Addis Ababa City Administration

      Retrospective data analysis

      Develop a protection strategy to better protect vulnerable populations in Addis Ababa

Phase 2


Develop Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) screening strategy/plan and conduct targeted screening of vulnerable groups for hypertension

Suggested activities


      Develop strategy to conduct NCD screening among vulnerable populations


      Define screening criteria for vulnerable populations


      Coordinating the screening process for the targeted vulnerable sub-group


      Identify referral linkages for linking to appropriate care and provision of tailored risk communication


Note: All activities are subject to amendments and modifications (however remaining within the broader context of the project) to fit the scenario on the ground and based on the most current outbreak situation.


v.            RFP Deliverables


Our procurement processes require us to invite interested agencies to respond to this invitation to demonstrate how their credentials and experience can support the challenge ahead.

Your submission should include:


1.      Technical proposal which details proposed methodology and timeline for the activities in both phases


2.      Financial proposal which details budget by workstream, including daily rates 

3.      A statement of why your agency would be a suitable partner (one page). 

4.      Description of previous work done that is relevant to the task at hand especially other COVID-19 related work and relevant experience in Addis Ababa and Ethiopia in general

5.    Experience working with similar not-for-profit clients and your approach to this type of work (no more than two pages).


6.      Experience of the proposed team that would be assigned to the project

vi.            Appointment Process

The shortlisted agencies will be appointed through a process involving a review and rating of credentials and cost schedules.

The successful agency will be selected by a panel based on the professional merit, ability to deliver against project goals at the highest quality and within the scheduled time, and value for money.

Submissions will be reviewed and rated based on the extent to which agencies demonstrate:

      An understanding of the project’s objectives and technical proposal 

      The extent to which their experience and capability complement the task

      Appropriate costs and fees

The successful bidder should be able to start as soon as they are awarded the contract.

vii.            Proposal evaluation criteria a. Phase 1: Technical Evaluation


The evaluation of the technical part of the proposal will be on the basis of the candidate’s responsiveness to the application of the evaluation criteria and points system as indicated below. Each responsive proposal will be given a technical score.


Points Allocated

Demonstration (through the proposal) of strategic thinking, including


on approaches to use to define vulnerability and map vulnerable groups


Portfolio of evidence


Depth of team’s experience in vulnerability mapping for different


hazards,  COVID-19  related  activities,  and  other  public  health




Experience in social/public health issues




The proposals will receive further consideration if they score at least 60% minimum points out of the 100 points on technical criteria as listed above as well as at least 50% in each criteria.

b.  Phase 2: Location

Only suppliers who are physically based in Ethiopia will be considered in the bidding process.

viii.             Proposal submission details

Please submit completed proposals to Desta Degaga at ddegaga@vitalstrategies.org by 11:59 am EAT, January 26, 2021.


Queries and requests for additional information should be directed to the same email above. Please note: questions and answers will be shared with all agencies in the pitch process (to ensure that no one agency is unfairly advantaged)

ix.             Conflict of interest


In terms of good corporate governance, a supplier will not be appointed where there is an existing real or perceived conflict of interest. Vital Strategies will not entertain proposals from agencies that currently provide services to, received support from, or been affiliated with the tobacco industry or its agents or associates within the past five (5) years. Please complete the attached confidentiality and conflict of interest declaration form.