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Invitation for Bids 

Guji Zone Finance and Economic Cooperation Office for want to procure Guji Zone Road Authority invite eligible bidders to all national qualified Contractors of GC-5/ RC-5 and above, with 40% sub contract for those small scale Micro enterprise organized in Guji zone based on proclamation no 192/2009. 

The competent contractor should fulfill the following requirements. 

  1.  Submit with license valid for the current year and registration certificate from ministry of construction competent authority for furnishing the necessary labor, materials and equipment for the construction and completion of 2(Two) years construction project for Guji Zone Road Authority Office for Uraga Woreda in Raro Boda – L. Boda road , BODA BRIDGE construction project by the Program Budget of the year 2012.
  2. VAT and TIN registration certificates issued by revenue and tax authority. 
  3. Tax clearance from Federal or Oromia revenue and tax authority valid for this bid validity period that permits the bidder to participate in any public tender. 
  4. Bidding will be conducted through the national competitive bidding (NCB) Procedure contained in public procurement and property administration proclamation of the government of the federal Republic of Ethiopia and is open to all eligible bidders. i.e. (two stage the first stage preliminary and technical evaluation and the second stage is financial stage evaluation and also the bidders are advised to read instructions to the bidders before filling and submitting of their bid.
  5. . Interested eligible bidders can purchase a complete set of bidding document for nonrefundable payment of ETB 200 (two Hundred Birr) from Guji Zone Finance and Economic Cooperation office procurement and Property administration department No 17 only 21 (Twenty one working days bid floating) from 17 /7/2012 to 19/8/2012 E.C 
  6. Bidders should submit wax sealed bid document documents containing one original and one copy, to Guji Zone Finance and Economic Cooperation office procurement and Property administration process office no 17. 
  7. Bid will be closed on the 19/8/2012 E.C working day of this announcement at 8:00 local time and will be open on the same day at 8:30 local time in the presence of bidders or their legal representative at Guji Zone Finance and Economic Cooperation office in Meeting hall. 
  8. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of 1.5 % of the total bid price (value) acceptable CPO or Bank Guarantee (in separate envelope prepared in the name of Guji Zone Finance and Economic Cooperation Office. 
  9. Bidders should be able to submit their company profile, recommendation letter and other credentials from recognized firms showing ones experience on projects of similar nature and complexity. 
  10. The construction of the works shall be completed within a maximum of 2 (Two) years starting from the commencement of the work.
  11. . Bidders are required to fill all the necessary details requested in the bid document. 
  12. Bid security Valid for 180 days starting from bid Opeining day. 
  13. The contractor who had taken our project above 70% of the works not executed should not involve our bid. 
  14. Any attempt of submission of forged (false) document and/or indication of financial offers and also misplacement of documents shall result in rejection of the bid. 
  15. Missing of any above requirements would be cause for rejection of the bid document. 
  16. Bidders may obtain further information from Guji Zone Road Authority Te1.0464452471 or 0464450917 
  17. Guji Zone Road Authority reserves full right to accept or reject any or all bids without fixing any reason thereof. 

Address: Oromia Region Guji Zone Nagele Town Guji Zone Finance and Economy Cooperation Office