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MDF Training and consultancy invites interested bidders to conduct a tracer study based on the baseline survey in order to assess the impact of the project.

Call for Tracer Study

The Exist (Excellence in Science and Technology) project refers to Component 4 of the “Higher Education and TVET Programme Phase II” established between the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and KfW under the long-term Ethio-German cooperation.

This project aims at improving the teaching and research conditions at 3 selected iOts to promote employment and income-generating opportunities for their graduates. The project supports 3 selected Institutes of Technology (iOTs) to establish Centers of Excellence. The project is financed by KfW (German Development Bank) and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is the implementing agency or Program Executing Agency. The Ministry is supported by a Dutch Consortium composed of MDF Training and Consultancy (lead Agency), the Centre for International Cooperation (CIS-VU) of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, GOPA and as local partners ESC and AIMDG.

Prior to the implementation of the Institutional Development Plan (IDP) by the selected 3 iOTs, a baseline study had been conducted at each iOT to define the indicators for monitoring and evaluation purposes. Accordingly, different activities have been conducted with regard to teaching and learning, research activities and community services pertinent to each CoE. Now the project wants to conduct a tracer study based on the baseline survey in order to assess the impact of the project. Hence, all interested bidders who fulfill the following criteria are kindly invited to participate in the bid process:

  • a) Have a renewed business license
  • b) Have broad understandings of issues associated with the provision of higher education in the developing world, preferably in the Ethiopian context;
  • c) Have knowledge and experience of planning, designing, managing and evaluating higher education programs;
  • d) Have proven prior experiences in undertaking tracer studies or similar surveys in the past which can be authenticated with certificates or reference letters;


Qualified bidders who meet the above requirements are required to collect the full Terms of Reference (TOR) within 5 working days from the date of the announcement by writing to the following email address: exist.iot.coe@gmail.com. For further information, please contact the project office through +251 945 96 14 93.