UNICEF Ethiopia

awashtenders.com Sep16,2020

Clarification to LRPS-2020-9161089

Dear madam/sir,

Last week we circulated the TOR for the Community Conversations Manual redesign and received some follow-up questions that we want to share with everyone who received the TOR:

Proposed starting date:

The proposed starting date is beginning/mid-October 2020 however, allowing time for the selection process of the requests for proposal


Restrictions in travel during COVID-19:

The proposal should include an approach on how to conduct the assignment if COVID-19 restrictions continue, with limited opportunities for field visits and/or gatherings. This includes the modality for rolling out the tool under social distancing measures. One of the deliverables mentioned in the TOR is to prepare a detailed COVID-19 sensitive methodology and tools for primary research.


We are looking forward to receive your submissions.