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Toruman Trading PLC

Reporter Aug2,2020



Toruman Trading PLC is a private limited company established under Ethiopian low in order to import and export, distribute and retail different trading items including chemicals, HDPE, Iron and steel sheet, PVC and other related items since 2016. 

Now a day, financial reporting standard changed from GAAP to IFRS by the federal Government of Ethiopia. So, it has become necessary that our financial records shall pass through the conversion process from GAAP to IFRS. Terms of reference (TOR) to be provided includes the following details. 

  • Details on how to handing conversation process 
  • Methodology of consulting on implementation of IFRS 
  • Diagnostic study and Gap analysis between GAAP & amp; IFRS 
  • Training and capacity building 
  • Design process/System changes in accounting policies based on IFRS 
  • Generation of Financial manual for Finance department based on IFRS 
  • Generation of financial report based on IFRS Supervision, flow up and validation of financial reports based IFRS and assistance during review 

Those firms which have experience on this matter are invited to submit a written proposal setting out their capabilities, the key elements of their service and team, as well as their proposed fee in person within 10(ten) working days from the date of announcement. 

  • Address:- Labu Mabratahil, Foziyana Building (In front of Labu commercial Center) 3rd floor 
  • Tel:- 251114625028