Oromia Water and Energy Resource Development Bureau

Ethiopian Herald Jan29,2021

Invitation To Bid No. OWERDB NCB/11/2013

  1. The Oromia Water and Energy Resource Development Bureau (OWERDB) has secured a budget for the procurement of goods & services mentioned hereunder. Therefore, interested eligible bidders are invited to participate in this bid for the following Lots 

    Lot No

    Description of Goods








  2. Complete bid documents in English can be purchased from the above-mentioned office upon payment of a non-refundable fee of birr 300 (three hundred) by submission of a written application to the Oromia Water, Mineral, and Energy Bureau.
  3. Bidders should present renewed license, Registration certificate issued from the authorized Ministry, Taxpayer certificate, Registration card for VAT & TIN together & copy of ID card.
  4. Bid documents shall be delivered to Oromia Water and Energy Resource Development Bureau, 6th floor Room No.601 and Tel. +251-0115549333 on or before 12:00 AM 12/02/2021 G.C Bids shall be opened at 2:00 PM on the same date in the presence of the bidder’s Representatives who is interested to attend at the 6th floor roam No. 601
  5. Bids shall be accompanied by a bid bond of not less than 1% of the bid price in the form of CPO or unconditional Bank guaranty
  6. Oromia Water & Energy Resource Development Bureau reserves the right to reject the bids partially or fully


Oromia Regional State President Office Compound

6th-floor room No. 601

P.O.Box 8630

Tel. 0115549333

Fax. 0115517756

Bole, Flamingo, In front of Tomy Tower

Oromia Water, Mineral and

Energy Bureau