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The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) Addis Ababa campus has continually experienced increased demand for space to accommodate its program units and a  number of hosted institutions. To that end, ILRI intends to consider the development of the Research collaboration Hub that is believed to address the campus space needs in a sustainable manner. Accordingly, ILRI invites eligible A/E design firms to respond to a call for an Expression of Interest (EOI), from which a shortlist of up to seven(7) responsive firms will be invited to participate in a conceptual architectural design competition, to choose the best possible concept designs for the research collaboration hub.

The Competition seeks an overarching vision for the site, which from the point of view of urban planning, architecture and functionality is well adapted to the site and incorporates current environmental solutions/considerations. The competition will be conducted in accordance with globally/locally applied guidelines for design competition(e.g. byelawson competition-AEA 2006- issued by the Association of Ethiopian Architects).

The competition shall be divided in two stages:

Stage One: Expression of Interest (EOI):

All compliant EOI submissions will be reviewed by ILRI and up to 7(seven) respondents shall be invited to participate in the competition.

Stage Two: Invited Design Competition Competitors invited to participate in the Competition, will be required to submit a compliant submission, and will be invited to present their Submission to the Jury. Upon review of all Submissions and presentations, and in consideration of the Evaluation Criteria, the Jury will select a winner (Winners).


The development of the Research Collaboration Hub has the following main objectives:

  • To create a centerpiece building on the ILRI Addis Ababa campus befitting of a respected global research institution
  • To establish ILRI and the CGIAR as the collaboration hub of agricultural research in Ethiopia
  • To establish Ethiopia as a model of CGIAR collaboration globally
  • To create a space which inspires collaboration among CGIAR partners as well as the Ethiopian research community
  • To increase office space on the campus

General Space requirements includes but not limited to:

  • Visitor welcoming reception including display area to promote ILRI/CGIAR research and accomplishments
  • Purpose-built conferencing and reception facilities:
  • to accommodate large gatherings of up to 300-400 people
  • Breakout rooms of various sizes accommodating flexible set up
  • State-of-the-art presentation/teleconferencing technology
  • Exhibition/ share fair space
  • Naturally extending into a garden reception area
  • Space which inspires spontaneous collaboration
  • Lobby space with coffee shop and collaborative “huddle spaces”, with access to white boards and presentation screens
  • Integrated functions such as bank, travel agent, and shop which naturally attract people to the collaborative space.
  • Consider grocery store for staff which connects to the goods receiving part of the catering service. The grocery store should be accessible to staff, and not necessarily a part of the lobby space. Staff should be able to pick up groceries with their car.

Office Space

  • It may be a mix of executive office, private offices for researchers, and group offices for projects, open plan space, hot seats for visitors. The exact floor plan ofthe office space may not need to be provided in detail at this stage.
  • Office space should be appropriated segregated from conference activities.
  • Purpose-built dining and catering facilities (replace need for major renovation of the current cafeteria kitchen) Staff cafeteria and event catering should be segmented
  • Underground and above ground visitor & staff parking
  • Consider subtle Ethiopian cultural elements/accents



All category one (1) to three (3) locally incorporated architectural and engineering consultancy firms are eligible for competition


The following general information is required, applicants may provide additional information/ documentation, which is necessary to reflect his/her capability to undertake the envisaged consultancy service.

  • General Information: a) name of the firm; b) Legal status of the firm (private limited company /partnership firm/joint venture etc.) c) Registered Address (Telephone, Fax, Web site, e-mail etc.) d) contact person, designation and power of attorney including the address of such person; e) profile, ownership, organization and management of the Company in details; f) number of year of experience of the applicant; and g) Number and type of assignments similar to this during the last five years.
  • The applicant should submit the following information related to it: a) certified copy of valid registered VAT; b) certified copy of valid Tax Identification Number (TIN); c) renewed trade license for fiscal year; d) tax clearance certificate; e) income tax returns of the last three years; and f) Professional salary income tax payment evidences.
  • CVS of key Staff The applicant should present CV of its key staff by including the following information; a) name of the staff, b) designation; c) name and address of the firm presently employing the staff; d) years with the firm; e) proposed position (describe degree of responsibility); f) qualification (technical and general); g) membership in profession; and h) Experience and training (relevant in the content of assignment).
  • Interested and eligible applicants can submit their proposal via email on or before February 12, 2021, 4:30pm local time. Late proposals shall be rejected.

ILRI reserve the right to reject any or all proposals

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