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Date                    :           11.11.2020

Tender Ref. #       :           ADD20/10.11 /20.11/01Sport items

Closing Date/Time:           30.11.2020, at 10:00 Am (GMT time)



Please acknowledge receipt of this Request for Tender by e-mail to

Your quotation should be marked with Tender Reference Number indicated above and sent to mentioned address or e-mail address  on or before the closing date and time.

All offers, sent to the wrong address, other than the above mentioned and late offers, will be disqualified.

All offers, submitted after the specified closing date/time, are ineligible.

Offer changes must be received in writing prior to the closing date and must indicate that it is a revised offer.

All offers received will be held in confidence.

All participating Sellers will be notified of the result of the selection process as soon as it is concluded.

ICRC is not liable to provide any explanation for its final selection of the Supplier.


The International Committee of the Red Cross is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and other situations of violence.

Within the framework of its assistance programs in Ethiopia, the ICRC intends to purchase the below mentioned Goods and is hereby requesting a tender from your company for the following quality and quantity:



1.       Full set of Basketball board with full stand, movable and adjustable, tempered with and net, with protective pad and the following complements.

 QTY = 6 each



Fiber glass backboard measuring 1,800 mm (+ a maximum of 30 mm) horizontally and 1,050 mm (+ a maximum of 20 mm) vertically, including the frame1.1.4, 50 mm in width.

          Outside dimensions: 590 mm (+ a maximum of 20 mm) horizontally and 450 mm (+ a maximum of 8 mm) vertically

          The top edge of the base of the rectangle shall be level with the top of the ring and 150 mm (- 2 mm) above the bottom edge of the backboard.

Basket ring; made of solid steel having inside diameter of a minimum of 450 mm and a maximum of 459 mm and have its metal a minimum of 16 mm and a maximum of 20 mm in diameter.


Basket net; between 400 and 450 mm in length, Manufactured with 12 loops


Backboard Padding– the backboard should have padding with a single solid color and same color for both sides. The thickness should be 27mm from the front and between 40-55mm at the bottom edge of the backboard. The padding shall be covering the bottom surface and the side to a distance of 450 mm


  1. Basketball NBA standard balls, Molten synthetic leather (outdoor games)

·         Size 6 for Female Qty 200

·         Size 7 for Male Qty 200



VAT registration & tax payer’s identification

VAT declaration the past three months


Prices offered must be final and will not be negotiated

Prices to be stated in ETB according to the incoterms requested below

Indicate prices without VAT (if VAT included, please specify)

Bidders should quote for all or for part of the items listed above



Your offer must be valid for minimum of 30 calendar days from the closing date of the Tender.

Please indicate, if your offer validity terms are different.


Required delivery date:

November 30, 2020

Option 1:

DAP     ICRC WAREHOUSE, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Goods are intended for an emergency operation. The full quantity shall be delivered within 15 days upon the signing of the contract. Not later than the required delivery dates

Please indicate the delivery period for each item quoted for.

Partial Shipment Acceptable


All documents must indicate Contract Reference Number

  • Invoice
  • Delivery Note / Way Bill



Payment will be done within 15 banking days from the date of acceptance of the quantity and quality of the goods in conformity with the contract, receipt of all required documents.


Failure by Seller to avail the full quantity by the mentioned date will result in the Seller being penalized with a 1% reduction of the value of the undelivered goods per each day of delay.


The delivery of the commodity will be monitored at the supplier’s warehouse Addis Ababa before loading and ICRC warehouse during offloading or reception with matters of sampling

In case of delivery of nonconforming merchandise, the Buyer has the right to reject commodities not meeting the specifications stipulated in the contract.

In this case, the Buyer may cancel the contract or request replacement of the goods or apply a penalty in accordance with the Acceptance Quality Limit (AQL) rules:

Critical nonconformity: Any discrepancy which might harm a user, or makes it impossible to use the product properly, is considered to be “critical” and implies a penalty of 10% of the total value of the PO, per each nonconforming characteristic and is subject to lot refusal.

Major nonconformity: Any discrepancy which makes the use of the product less efficient than expected, is considered to be “major” and implies a penalty of 1% of the total value of the PO, per each nonconforming characteristic. >10% of nonconforming items is subject to lot refusal.

Minor nonconformity: Any discrepancy which an influence on the performance of the product does not have, is considered to be “minor” and implies a penalty of 0.5% of the value of the total PO, per each nonconforming characteristic.

The Seller is liable for any costs of replacement, transportation, warehousing, taxes and charges and any other costs that may occur including removing or destruction  


All conditions not mentioned herein shall be governed by the ICRC General conditions on purchasing.

Acceptance of the contract entails the waiving by the Seller of its General Conditions of Sales.

The ICRC reserves the right to split the commodity into separate Purchase Orders with different Sellers. ICRC is not liable to provide any explanation for its final selection of the Seller.

It has to be noted that this Tender does not imply any commission. Any offered commission will lead to the Seller’s suspension.

Should you require additional information and or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.

International Committee of the Red Cross

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