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International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

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International Committee of the Red Cross

  • Tel. :+251 0116457000 / 0116478300 
  • Fax:+251 0116457001
  • E-Mail:add_purchasing_services@icrc.org
  • Date:29.01.2021
  • Tender Ref. #: ADD21/29.01 /26.02/02 EOI
  • Closing Date/Time:26.02.2021, at 10:00 Am (GMT time)

Please acknowledge receipt of this Request for EOI by e-mail to add_purchasing_services@icrc.org 

Your EOI should be marked with EOI Reference Number indicated above and sent to the mentioned address or e-mail address add_purchasing_services@icrc.orgon or before the closing date and time.

All EOI, sent to the wrong address, other than the above mentioned and late offers, will be disqualified. 

All EOI, submitted after the specified closing date/time, are ineligible. 

EOI changes must be received in writing prior to the closing date and must indicate that it is a revised offer. 

All EOI received will be held in confidence. 

All participating Sellers will be notified of the result of the selection process as soon as it is concluded.

ICRC is not liable to provide any explanation for its final selection of the Supplier.

Expression of Interest (EOI)

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and other situations of violence. ICRC hereby invites Expression of Interest (EOI) for the selection of contractors, consultants, and suppliers for our Water and Habitat Engineering Department. The details are as under: 

1.Work contract, consultancy services, and item supply

A.Category one: contractors for the following works

  • Drilling works 
  • Drilling supervisors
  • Electromechanical works
  • Water System Civil Works & pipeline installation
  • Contractors engaged in Water supply project
  • Contractors engaged in Water sanitation works

B.Category two: consultants for the following activities

  • Topography works
  • Hydro Geological Survey works
  • Consultant engaged in Electrical demand analysis (consultancy service in energy, environment, climate change, and related areas)
  • Design works
  • Consultant in hygiene promotion 
  • Consultants in operation and maintenance (plumbing, electrical, building construction, and electromechanical)

C.Category three: suppliers for the following items

  • Supplier, who can produce, and supply of wind-driven roof ventilators
  • Supplier, who can supply and install pioneer water tankers
  • Suppliers, who can supply submersible water pumps and generators as well


The detailed eligibility criteria are described in the following points and the interested parties meeting all the conditions only need to apply.  

a.The Applicant should have essential legal documents, and willingness to work with challenges in remote area of the Country where ICRC is operating.

b.The Applicant shall have experience of supplying of minimum quantity of respective commodities during the last three financial years directly to the user/beneficiaries.

c.In case of domestic supplies, the applicant shall furnish certified copies of purchase orders and original performance certificates from end users in support of their credentials. 

d.The applicant shall keep ICRC indemnified at all times against any claims, liabilities, proceedings etc. from the foreign buyer or otherwise arising out of or in connection with any of the terms and conditions of this EOI. 

e.The applicant shall submit an affidavit to the effect that it has not been blacklisted, debarred or banned by any government or state agency as on date. Affidavit shall be duly stamped and notarized. 


a)The selected applicants will form part of ICRC’s panel which will act as back up suppliers for ICRC. ICRC expects to regularly execute contracts of supply with its panel of suppliers. The suppliers will be required to strictly adhere to contractual product specifications and delivery parameters. 

b)The supplier may also be required to submit an CPO/Performance Bank Guarantee, the value of which will be decided by ICRC on Contract to Contract basis. 

c)Payment terms for contract will be negotiated on case to case basis between ICRC and the Supplier. 

d)The selected supplier shall ensure compliance of all government legislations, policies, guidelines, orders etc. related to any or all of the above activities. 

e)The supplier shall sign and also undertake to abide by the statutory requirements and guidelines of the Ethiopia Government from time to time. 


a)The applicant should not have been debarred/ blacklisted/ banned from doing business and participating in tenders by any Government (Centre or State) /PSU for the mentioned services in Ethiopia or abroad on the date of empanelment. In case of submission of false declaration (found at any stage), such supplier shall be disqualified. 

b)The Applicant may also be asked to furnish additional information /confirmation in connection with verification of the documents submitted by the Applicant, if deemed necessary, at the sole discretion of ICRC 

c)All documents submitted in response to this “Expression of Interest” shall become the property of ICRC upon submission. 

d)Applicant(s) having same address or contact details would be rejected. 

e)ICRC is not bound contractually or in any other way to any Applicant to this EOI. ICRC is not liable for any costs or compensation in relation to this EOI by the Applicants if ICRC terminates, varies, or suspends the EOI process or takes any other action permitted under this EOI, including consideration of concepts proposed in future developments. The EOI request is not the subject of any process, contract or any contractual obligations between ICRC and supplier or potential supplier. 

f)The above terms and conditions shall have to be considered by the Applicant in totality and the pre-qualification bid containing incomplete documents & not complying with the above conditions shall be summarily rejected. 

g)ICRC reserves the right to accept or reject any offer of EOI without assigning any reasons whatsoever. The decision of ICRC in this regard shall be final and binding on all participating suppliers. 

h)Empanelment of suppliers by ICRC does not entail any commitment from ICRC to enter into contracts during the validity of empanelment. ICRC reserves its right to abandon any part or whole of process without prior notice to prospective bidders. 


Eligibility criteria 

Interested companies are encouraged to apply ONLY if they meet the eligibility criteria below and are required to submit their documentation (where applicable) in line with the eligibility criteria outlined.

Eligibility criteria


Submission details/documentation required



Please mention with supporting document which grade or level you are

Minimum two years of experience

Proof of minimum two years of experience within in construction or consultancy services

Valid registration with the authorities as applicable

Proof of valid Company Registration

Company profile – indicating as a minimum area of expertise, years of experience and ownership details.

· Company profile indicating number of staff, core areas of expertise and experience, number of years in business –

· Including indication of staff capacity, available assets, representation and ownership information.

· Company policy on sexual harassment

· Company policy on child labour

· Company policy on Gender (indicate the ratio of male to female employees). 

· Note that only companies with a minimum of two years of experience within Agricultural Commodities area will be considered.

Tax return

Copy of the income tax return filed in the last 3 financial months i.e. October 2020 to Dec. 2020 should also be provided.


Financially sustainable

Financial statements or Bank account statements from 2017

Note: To summarize the criteria, which are basic and mandatory information for our evaluation purpose please try to fulfill the below points carefully, if not complete it may be a first rejection point at screening: 

(1) Level of expertise, experience on similar projects and ownership certificates for the required equipment (2) Financial information: Turnover for the last 3 consecutive years (separately) with percentage (3) Experience with Aid Organisations and mention major customers: Please report recent Contracts with International Institutions, United Nations, Non-governmental Organisations and major customers (4) A recently VAT declaration copy and payment invoice to the concerned Customs Authority Branch Office.


The interested applicants may submit their applications at the earliest but not later than the last date and time for submission of the Expression of Interest i.e. 26th of Feb, 10:00 Am (GMT time)

a)Place for submission of EOI & Method of delivery: 

The Expression of Interest should be sent via speed post office, email or by hand to (Logistic department), below address.

Head of Procurement

ADD Logistic unit

International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC)

Bole KifleKetema, Kebele 13, Addis Ababa


Mobile: +251 911411001


e-mail: eabayneh@icrc.org

b)Applications received in Fax will not be entertained. 

c)Late Receipt of EOI: Any EOI received by ICRC after the due date & time would be summarily rejected. 

d)Any request for clarification after Feb.26/2021; would not be entertained.


The issue of this document does not in any way commit or otherwise oblige ICRC to proceed ahead with all or any part of a pre-qualification empanelment process. 

 ICRC may, at its absolute discretion, shortlist, accept, disqualify, elect to abandon, reject any part or whole of the process without giving prior notice to the Proponents or potential Proponents. ICRC reserves the right to cancel the EOI in totality without assigning any reason at any point of time. All information contained in this EOI are issued bonafide. 

Should you require additional information and or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us.

International Committee of the Red Cross

Contact person:

Kind Regards 

Ephrem Abayneh 

Head of Purchasing

ADD Logistic unit 

International Committee of The Red Cross (ICRC) 

Bole KifleKetema, Kebele 13, Addis Ababa 

Phone No: +251 116478300

Mobile: +251 911411001

e-mail: eabayneh@icrc.org