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Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia

Ethiopian Herald Jan29,2021

“Tender care for women with childbirth injuries”


Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia is a world-leading organization committed to the treatment and reintegration of patients suffering from Obstetric Fistula and the training and deployment of qualified midwives to prevent Obstetric Fistula and other childbirth injuries.

HFE is founded in 1974 by Dr. Catherine and Reginald Hamlin has been caring for the women of Ethiopia for more than 40 years. As well as our main hospital in Addis Ababa we also have 5 regional Fistula Centers, a rehabilitation and reintegration center, and a midwifery school. We also deploy midwives into 88 health centers across the country and provide mentoring and other supportive services to these health centers.

The Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia would like to invite potential vendors for the supply of the attached list of various medical equipment.


  1. Bidders must have renewed relevant licenses and import permits issued by the Government.
  2. Interested bidders can purchase a complete set of bid documents upon payment of non3.
  3. Refundable fee of Birr 100 (one hundred Birr) starting from January 25, 2021, to February 9, 2021 (until 4: OOP.M, 10:00 o’clock local time). Renewed license for the year 2013 E.C.
  4. Tax clearance certificate for the most current year 2012 E.C.
  5. The bidder should have to follow the attached technical formats to be considered for the evaluation.
  6. Should attach the import permit and authorization letter if any for being a dealership in Ethiopia.
  7. The deadline for the submission of both the Technical and Financial Proposals in a separately sealed envelope is on or before February 9, 2021, at 2:30 P.M (8:30 o’clock Local time).
  8. Bidders shall furnish a bid bond of 2% of the bid price including VAT in the form of CPO or certified cheque or unconditional bank guarantee payable to Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia.
  9. Technical bid documents will be opened on the same date of February 9, 2021 at 3:00 P.M in the presence of the bidders (representatives) who might want to attend, and the financial proposal will be opened by setting an appointment.
  10. Offered price should stay valid for at least 90 days.
  11. The winner supplier shall present a performance bond of 10% upon signing of contractual agreement
  12. Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia reserves the right to accept or reject part or all the bids.


Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia (Hamlin Fistula Hospital)

Direct phone number: 0113-72-62-53

Indirect 0113-71-65-44/45/46 Extension 139

P.O.Box 3609, Fax 0113-712866

Betel Road near Augusta Shemiz Factory