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Ministry of Innovation and Technology

Ethiopian Herald Dec3,2020

Extension of Bid opening and closing date

The FDRE, Ministry of Innovation and Technology/MInT/ have been floated a tender numbered MInT/ICT-DC/050/2020 (named “Design, deployment, and Commissioning of Ethiopian Government Cloud Services Datacenter (E-Gov-Cloud-DC). “) on The Ethiopian Herald Newspaper on September 26, 2020.

However, due to the complex nature of the project, several bidders requested for time extension and three weeks additional time was granted for the first time extension date to Nov 30, 20120.

Still, several bidders are asking for more time extensions. In addition, we would like to arrange a site visit to meet the demands of many bidders. This is, therefore, to kindly inform you that the second time the bid submission date is changed to December 30, 2020, the same time as stated in the previous newspaper.

FDRE, Ministry of Innovation and Technology /MInT/