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Ethiopian Herald Jun16,2020



  • Credit No: IDA-59950 
  • Assignment Title: Consultants Services for Construction Supervision & Contract Administration of Modjo Dry Port Upgrading and Expansion of Hub Facilities 
  • Reference No. (as per Procurement Plan): 
  • ET-EMAA-167304- QCBS-CS 

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority has received financing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Ethiopian Trade Logistics Project (ETLP), and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services. 

The consulting services (“the Services”) include: Diligently fulfill to the highest professional standards of the role of the Engineer/Engineer’s Representative, as defined under the Works Contract and to supervise construction of the works (on behalf of the Client) throughout the entire construction period, including the defects liability (maintenance) period with the following main objectives: 

  • To ensure that the port is constructed in accordance with the Technical Specifications, Engineering Drawings or any amendments thereto and meet the standard quality of the end product; 
  • To optimize the use of available resources to minimize costs to the Client, to maximize the quality of the Works, to expedite construction and to optimize the use of natural resources and ensure environmentally as well as socially sustainable construction-, and 
  • To ensure that the facilities are constructed within the Contract Price and Time for Completion allowed under the Contract or any agreed amendments thereto. 

Scope of the Service: The service shall be carried out in accordance with generally accepted standards of professional practice, following recognized engineering procedures. The consultant’s scope of work is understood to cover all activities necessary to accomplish the stated objectives of these services, while adhering to best practices of the professional, whether or not a specific activity is cited in the Term of Reference. 

The duration of supervision and contract administration services is 24 months from the commencement of the works contract, excluding the 12 months service of the defect liability period. The works contract is intended to be contracted for a single Contractor. 

The Consultant shall render the service with due diligence and efficiency in fully supervising the construction of the works which are to be executed in accordance with sound technical administration, financial and economic practices. The Consultant shall perform all duties associated with such tasks to ensure that only the best practice is followed and that the final product is in all aspects equal to that specified, at the most economic costs and is executed in full compliance with the specification. The services will consist of carrying out reviewing of the previous design document and supervising the construction of all works to be undertaken under the work contract. 

The Consultant will be required to execute during pre and post construction period, but not limited to, the following tasks: 

  • The Consultant shall perform duties with respect to coordination and consultation with regional and local authorities, utility companies and other key stakeholders and legal entities that may affect the progress and cost of the Works. 
  • The consultant shall proactively trigger the commencement by issuing the Contractor with all the necessary copies of the Works Contract Documents, including Contract AgreementConditions of Contract, Specifications, Drawings, and priced Bill of Quantities, and provide timely supplementary information necessary for the execution of the Works. 
  • During the contractor’s mobilization period, the consultant shall carefully and comprehensively review and satisfy himself of the sufficiency of the engineering drawings, plans, technical specifications, design calculations, pertinent reports prepared at design stage. The consultant as an outcome of his review shall propose to the Employer any amendments deemed necessary for the Consultant to verify the soundness and sufficiency of the detailed engineering design, contract documents, and accuracy of the bill of quantities. After approval bythe employer the consultant shall make, any necessary amendment to the design and documents
  • Within two months of completion, review, accept and submit as-built drawings of the Works detailing all alignment and level information, position and sizes of drainage structures, services information, and structural drawings (including type and positions of reinforcement)
  • Ensure that all materials, tools, plant, equipment, facilities, etc, which have to be handed over to the client after completion of the works are properly Dismantled, packed, stored and maintained unti the 

The Ethiopian maritime Affairs Authority Trade logistics project implementation unit now invites eligible consulting firms (consultant)to indicate their interest in providing information demonstrating thet they have the required qualification and relevant experience to perform the services. The short listing criteria are qualification in the field of the assignment technical and managerial capabilities of the firm ; core business and years in business and qualifications and number of staff 

The attention of interested consultant is drawn to paragraph 1.9 of the world Banks guildlines selection and employment of consultant (under IBRD Loans and IDA Crecits & Grants)by world Bank’s policy  on conflict of interest consultants may associate with other firms in the form of ajoint venture or an sub- consutancy to enhance thir qualifie 

The consultant will be selected in accordance with the quality and cost based selection (QCBS)method set out in the consultant guidelines 

Further information including the tirms of reference can be obtained thourgh email at the address below expression of interest must be delivered in a written from to the address below (by fax, or by email before or on 30th day of June 2020, 5:30PM (local time)

Ethiopian Maritime Affairs Authority (EMAA), 

Trade Logistics Project Implementation Office 

Attn: Ato Asrat Beyene, Procurement Specialist 

Address: Kirkos Sub city, 150 meters from St 

Stephen Church towards Bambis Super Market, 

Ziquala Building, 4th Floor, ETLP/PIU Meeting Hall 

P.O.Box: 1861, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia 

Tel.: +251 11 5503877 and +251913138155 

Fax: +251 11 5503960 

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