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Ethiopian Kaizen Institute

Reporter Feb7,2021

Call for interested growth sector consulting firm or individuals

Are you interested in solving manufacturing sector production management challenges and finding opportunities in Ethiopia Do you want to take your professional expertise to the next level According to World Bank data, the manufacturing sector’s value-added growth was 17% in 2017. As the manufacturing sector is expanding throughout Ethiopia there is a growing demand for Production Management consulting services.

The Ethiopian Kaizen Institute and TechnoServe have partnered to offer an exclusive, four-month program on advanced Level Kaizen for local private consultants in Addis Ababa. The Production Management program will be delivered by The Ethiopian Kaizen Institute and culminate with an international level exam, that, if passed, certifies participants to become an internationally-certified Advanced Level Kaizen Consultant. We are searching for risk-takers, critical thinkers with strong analytical and communication skills with the confidence to diagnose and solve a diverse set of problems in the manufacturing sector. Although no course fees are applicable, the selection process is competitive and if selected requires a significant time commitment. This is an exceptional opportunity with significant growth potential. We invite all qualified applicants. Women applicants are highly encouraged.

The program consists of two parts: theoretical (2 weeks) and demonstration (16 weeks). The estimated duration is 18 weeks. The roles and responsibilities of local consulting firms selected to participate are:

  • The local consulting firm must assign one full-time, qualified consultant to regularly participate in the training program over the course of 18 weeks. This consultant will be referred to as the “consultant trainee”
  • The consultant trainee is expected to fully participate in the 18 weeks’ engagement
  • Consultants are expected to complete the theoretical part of the training, which will be held in Addis Ababa by the Ethiopian Kaizen Institute
  • Following the theoretical training, the consultant trainee will move on to the practical demonstration during which time s/he will be responsible to support two manufacturing firms apply advanced-level production management principles as part of the program. The consultant trainee is expected to ensure quality application of the production management principle within the manufacturing firms.
  • During the practical training phase, the consultant trainee will regularly document progress data of manufacturing firms and submit a regular narrative report on key performance indicators in a report that captures the report on training activities and progress of the manufacturing firms receiving his/her support. A reporting template will be developed by the Ethiopian Kaizen Institute and TechnoServe and distributed for the consultant trainees.
  • Document progress data of manufacturing firms selected for this program and submit a regular narrative report on key performance indicators
  • At the end of the practical implementation, the consultant trainee will be expected to sit for a certification and accreditation exam, which she will lead to advanced level kaizen certification, and thus qualifying the trainee consultant to provide Advanced Level Kaizen training and consulting service
  • Once certification is achieved, the consulting firm is expected to expand on the opportunity and start providing the advanced level Kaizen training to manufacturing firms in Addis Ababa/Ethiopia, as per their standard fee structures, they consulting firm will also collate with Ethiopian Kaizen Institute and TechnoServe to share information and documents on their progress


Benefits of participating in the program

  • Gives the opportunity of visibility to your consultancy firm and provide private sector support that addresses challenges in the manufacturing sector with local solutions and utilize the opportunities for growth
  • The opportunity to attend and contribute to a practical demonstration that will strive to transform the production capacity of local manufacturing firms
  • Create a network among similar business actors, capacity building institutions, and potential customers
  • Receive a one to one mentoring from a certified Kaizen expert and coaching expert Become a certified advanced Level Kaizen/production private consultant
  • Expand your business portfolio with respect to addressing the production management service needs of the growing manufacturing sector
  • Secure professional fee while demonstrating the advanced level production management philosophies in the manufacturing firms
  • The opportunity to secure a gain share opportunity with the manufacturing firms based on the improvement in the productivity and mutual agreement with the implementing firms


Any Private Local Consulting Firm is eligible if it fulfills the following requirements:

  • The applying consulting firm must:
  • be a locally registered private consulting firm with a renewed license have a minimum of two years’ experience in the operation have a proven track record of consulting performance (e.g., services offered, number of clients served, etc.) preferably in the manufacturing sector have a basic understanding of the Ethiopian private
  • manufacturing sector be committed to fully participating in five months of theoretical and practical training
  • be willing to diversify its portfolio and services on production management and consult additional companies based on the Kaizen training and consultancy standard after certification be willing to allocate one qualified consultant of the firm for the program for five months (see below for qualification requirements)

The assigned consultant trainee must have:

  • A Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in production management, Quality management, engineering, and any related fields, Have a minimum of five years’ work experience in consulting overall, specifically 3 years consulting or advising manufacturing firms in a similar type of work,
  • Previously engaged in Kaizen training with the accomplishment of certification as basic level kaizen consultant Proven previous experience in training at an organization or manufacturing firm
  • Demonstrated skills or training taken on negotiation skills for business and teamwork, coaching skills in teamwork setting is a plus
  • Women consultant trainees are highly encouraged

How to Apply

Applicants are required to complete an online application form by until January 7, 2021. Please follow the link below to access the form. You can also refer to the ethio-jobs website to get the direct link to the online application form.

https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1AXCqLUKJYDA0qu.. MAOWo5F8IPQIYWBqUe WIMCOX_SU/edit?usp=drive_web Please note that we only accept applications submitted through the online application form. Applications will be reviewed and shortlisted applicants will be expected to submit the consulting firm’s licenses and resumes, as well as the CV for the nomincted trainee consultant from their firm. All application materials should be in the English language.

Consulting firms with gender-balanced teams and women in leadership roles are encouraged to apply. TNS will not accept any application received via email, in person, or

through postal offices after February 12, 2021.