Emergency Relief Transport Enterprise

Addis Zemen Dec23,2020

An Open Bid Announcement for External Audit Service

Whereas, the Emergency Relief Transport Enterprise invites sealed bids from all registered eligible bidders for External Audit Service for the Year Ended Sene 30,2011 and 2012 E.C.

As such, we hereby notify that candidates who would comply with the following criteria may compete in the Endeavour.

  1. Having a renewed business license in the sector and settled the due tax for the period.
  2. Capable of submitting a VAT registration certificate:
  3. Authorization by the Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia to conduct an Audit.
  4. Having an evidence signifying registration in public supplier list:
  5. Capable to provide certificates of good performance:
  6. Complaint with other technical standards set forth in the tender documents:
  7. Bidders may buy the tender from the Emergency Relief Transport enterprise(ERTE), at office Finance and Account Supporting Process directorate of the next day of announcement on newspaper by paying a non-refundable ETB 150.00 (One Hundred Fifty birr)
  8.  Bidders must submit a bid bond of ETB 10,000.00 (Ten Thousand birr) through a certified payment order (CPO) or through an unconditional bank guarantee;
  9. Following the announcement of the successful bidder of the open bid, the bid bond shall be returned to the winners immediately.
  10. Submission of offers from the bidders should be tax inclusive and substantiated with the above-mentioned evidence enclosed in an envelope what to technical and financial offers shall be presented in a separate envelopes with one original awl two copies, and should be submitted to the bidding box provided at the main office of the Emergency relief transport enterprise (ERTE) until the opening date of the bids at 2:30 PM afternoon:
  11. The bid announcement shall be on air for 30 consecutive days as of the publication, and the bid opening shall be convened on January 22, 2021 in the presence of the bidders or their legal representatives where the hid box shall be sealed and at 2:00 PM in the afternoon and opened at 2:30 PM the same afternoon. Hence, in an event where the bid opening date falls on Saturday, Sundays or public holidays, the opening shall be on the next public working day at similar hour and place;
  12. The successful bidder of the open bid, follow the notification of winning in written as described in the instruction to bidders, should submit the relevant contract security forthwith:
  13. The offer reserves its right to partially or completely cancel the bid as alternatives avail thereto; For further information, please contact Emergency relief transport enterprise (ERTE), at office of supply chain and facility management directorate or by Visiting in person or through telephone number 011-439-00-75; 011-439-1569; 011-439-35-92:

Address: Akaki Kality sub-city in front of Sheger Bread around 70 m in.

Emergency Relief Transport Enterprise