Central Statistical Agency

Ethiopian Herald Oct1,2020

Request for the Expression of Interest (REOI) 

Invitation No: CSA-MOA/CALM/003/2020; 

Contracting agency: Central Statistical Agency (CSA) 

The Central Statistical Agency (CSA) intends to hire a consulting firm that performs the verification of Disbursement Linked Indicator (DLI) as it has been selected as an independent verifier agency of results for the CALM PforR program and hence CSA is required to verify the DLls designed under CALM projected within the two results areas: Results

  • Area 1 Participatory Watershed Management, and Results
  • Area 2 Rural Land Administration. 

The objective of this assignment is to assess the performances of the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) for the DLIs and make a determination on the level of achievement of the four Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIS). The assessment should be conducted by the CSA after the requests of respective each DLIs from the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) submitted to the CSA. The verification process will be done in a transparent and independent manner that will provide valid evidence of results for accountability and decision-making on disbursements. It is with this overview that CSA is advertising to recruit a consultancy service provider for the entire verification exercise needs of the CSA for CALM PforR verification processes. Therefore, any relevant appropriate consultancy firm can apply to the Central Statistical Agency (CSA) of Ethiopia by providing its interest through explaining its knowledge and experiences related to this assignment 

Evaluation for the short-listing purpose will be done as follows: 

Educational Background … 20 % 

Experiences … 60 % 

Good knowledge on the CALM PforR Programme or development programs, delivering training and producing a document in English (item 5)… 20% The EOIs must be delivered to the address below in a sealed envelope or through email on or before_ the 15th calendar day starting from the date of the first issue of this notice in the Ethiopian Herald. The submission will be the next working day if the original date appeared to be a non-working day. 

Central Statistical Agency (CSA), Head office; Piassa, behind or about 100 meters to the South-East of Tayitu Hotel; Procurement and Property Administration Directorate; New Building, Block # 2, 2nd Floor; 

Tel. +25111 111 8495, Fax: +25111 111 54 70; Email: csaprocurment2@gmail.com, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia