Center for Educational Information & Communication Technology (CEICT)

Addis Zemen Nov24,2020


The center for educational information & communication technology,  Ministry of Education invites all eligible and interested bidders for providing IT courses certification for IT experts according to the detailed requirement and criteria mentioned bellow.

1. Introduction

Because of the very dynamic nature of the IT discipline CEICT staff needs to fill the technical gap by professional training.

Advanced IT training needs are been identified in the area of system administration, server virtualization, web development and deployment and also in multimedia technology.

2. General objective of the training

The general objective of the training is to build the capacity of technical staff to do better in their field of work.

3. Required Trainings

  • 3.1. Project Management Professional (PMP) training with international examination
  • 3.2. CompTIA Linux+ training with international examinations & Virtualization International Examination.
  • 3.3. Advanced graphics editing training using (Photoshop + Illustrator)
  • 3.4. Server installation, configuration up to web hosting and website security with practical Lab training

4. Target group of the training and number of trainees

  • 4.1. Training on number 3.1 = 2 Person
  • 4.2. Training on number 3.2 = 6 Person
  • 4.3. Training on number 3.3 = 1 Person
  • 4.4. Training on number 4.4 = 1 Person

The preferred time schedule will be decided immediately after the award of the tender. The training will be conducted out of office hours including weekends. (This will be also decided later).

  • N.B The bidder company should have trainers must have the skill and international certification in the required training.
  • N.B Bidders should provide exam voucher for training 3.1 and 3.2.

Bidders who are interested to participate in this tender should have and fulfill the following basic requirements:

  1. With a renewed legal business license.
  2. Bidders should proof that they have paid the current tax.
  3. Bidders can provide Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
  4. Bidders should not provide tender price on behalf of other
  5. The bidders should provide a labeled original and copy  tender document separately,
  6. Bidders must be accompanied by a bid security of 2% of the total bid amount in the form of cash or bank guaranteed CPO or they must have an indefinite bank guarantee on the condition.
  7. CEICT reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.
  8. Bids will be stayed for 15 consecutive working days and in the next morning bids will be opened in the presence of bidders or their legal representative at morning 4:00 A.M local time.

Contact Address

Center for Educational Information &

Communication Technology (CEICT)

Mexico squire behind BGI Ethiopia.

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tell – 011 515 3390/011 555 3844