United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Fortune Dec13,2020

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees

Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugiés

Tel.: +251 11 6612822

P. O. Box 1076

Email: ethadsms@unhcr.org



The Branch Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa invites competent, reputable and registered companies to participate in the below tender:


Request for Bid Proposal on Implementation of Five Infrastructure Components on a Proposed Building Currently Under Renovation for

UNHCR Representation in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia:

  • Design Cable Map (Layout) and Implement Structured Cabling
  • Electrical Wiring Design and Installation (Central UPS)
  • Security Camera (CCTV) Wiring Design and Installation
  • Access Control System Installation
  • Centralized and Automated Fire Detection and Alarm System and Automated Fire Hydrant Layout Design and Installation

The initial closing date was 30 November 2020- 16H00 but it has been extended to 14th December 2020 16H00

Details of the above-mentioned bid document should only be requested through email, by sending your request to ETHADSMS@unhcr.org.

Tender documents can be requested effective from 30th November to 13 December 2020 for RFP-HCR-AA-2020-006

The tender submission should comply with requirements raised in the request for proposal document and must be type-written/computer-generated/PDF.

The closing date for receipt of tender documents is as above mentioned. No submission after this deadline shall be accepted.

UNHCR Branch office in

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Supply Unit