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Ethiopian Herald Jan29,2021

Invitation of Bids

Invitation of Bids for the second time for Warehouse projects in Bale Zone

  1.  The Bale Zone Cooperative Office. has a secured a budget for Primary Cooperatives and Unions from the National Regional State of Oromia for the construction of Warehouse projects, in Bale Zone at 1. Gasera Woreda. Balo Aminya Kebele 2. Agarfa Woreda, Kasomanso Kebele which are Primary Cooperatives. Bidding is open to all eligible bidders having a construction license of GC-6./BC-5 and above renewed for 2013 E.C works and those currently registered with the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, Oromia Construction Bureau and who have got TIN Number, VAT registration certificate. Supplier list Certificate and Tax clearance valid during Bid Period from Oromia Revenue Bureau or Federal Tax Authority.
  2. Original and one not returnable copy of TIN and VAT certificate, Trade License, Tax Clearance Certificate, and PPA certificate must be supplied at hand during Bid opening.
  3. Bidding documents can be purchased at Bale Zone Finance and Economic corporation Office. upon submission of a written application and a non-refundable fee of 200.00 birr (Two Hundred birr) Starting from the 1st day of announcement on newspaper up to 21 consecutive working days and closed on 2nd day at 9.00 am morning and opened at 9:30 am at the same day at Zonal Deputy Head, Administration office BaleRobe, Ethiopia (P.O Box 14/80 Tel. +251-226650086/28, fax +251-2266 51240). If the day lays on holiday it is closed and opened the next working day at the same time mentioned above. All documents submitted must be signed power of attorney)tamped and rated for each item of works,
  4. . Bids shall be valid for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days after bid closing and must be accompanied by a bid security of 2% of total cost in the form of the C.P.O or unconditional Bank Guarantee and must be addressed to Bale Zone Cooperative Office.
  5. Bidders required to submit hid documents in two envelopes containing the technical (Technical original and two copies separately sealed and Financial (Financial original and two copies separately sealed) proposals separately sealed. If not wax sealed and marked as above mentioned the employer assume as non-responsive for the bid.
  6. Any contractor who has a termination history, with. Bureau. Zonal offices, and other regional sectors and with bad performance (proved) in their past contractual period, the client has full right to reject this contractor during technical evaluation.
  7. Bale Zone Cooperative office reserves the right to reject the bid in half or full if got other chances.

Bidders may obtain further information from Bale Zone Cooperative Office.Robe

For more information 0226651339/0226651856

Bale Zone Finance and Economic Cooperative Office