Tesfa Berhan Child and Family Development Association

Reporter Jul26,2020

Invitation for Vehicle Rental Service Providers

Tesfa Berhan Child and Family Development Organization is non-profit, child-centered and community based development organization working in Amhara region to improve the quality of life for children and youth through enhanced family and community capacity for sustainable development

Tesfa Berhan CFDO wants 2 field vehicles with qualified and hospitable drivers for the project to be implemented in the following Woredas (Districts):

  • Seqota Zuria, Dehena and Gazgibla Woredas in Wag- Himra Zone of Amhara Regional State
  • Bugna Woreda in North Wello Zone of Amhara Regional State

Tesfa Berhan CFDO seeks eligible companies/firms who meet the following requirements to provide vehicle rental service.

  • The type of vehicles should be Toyota Land Cruiser of its production year in or after 2003 or Toyota Hardtop Station Wagon (Mark II) of its production year in or after 2010.
  • The vehicles must be insured and copy of the renewed insurance certificate should be attached and delivered whenever the car is available for rent.
  • ¬†Interested bidders should have at least 3 years of experience in renting vehicle and should present testimonials or letters of recommendation from at least three organizations.
  • Interested bidders should present copies of their renewed business/trade license for Ethiopian fiscal year 2012; taxpayer and VAT registration certificates up on collecting the bid document.
  • Fuel cost will be covered by Tesfa Berhan CFDO and the bidders are expected to submit price per day per vehicle (with driver) and mode of payment.
  • Bidders should submit the bid documents containing relevant experience and evidences satisfactory to clients (written testimony from clients), company’s profile, number of company-owned vehicle with model, condition of the vehicles, ownership certificate and production year, and financial proposal or proforma invoice (unit price quotation in Ethiopian Birr) including VAT in sealed envelopes in person.

Eligible and interested bidders can collect bid document from either of the two office addresses provided below, whichever is convenient for them, within 10 working days starting the next working day of the announcement of the bid on reporter newspaper.

Tesfa Berhan CFDO reserves the right to fully or partially cancel the bid.

The bid will be opened on the 11th working day at 8:30 PM

Our Contact Address is:


Amhara Region, North Shewa Zone, Bassona Worana District, Keyit Kebele (16KM from Debre Berhan town to the road to Dessie) Tel. 011 656 0249 or

Bidders may collect the bid document and submit their bid offer from ChildFund Ethiopia Country Office; Bole Sub city;

Woreda 03; House No. 2310 Phone: +251 116 61 2928