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Best practice adoption farm verification and subsequent incentive disbursements

Opportunity: Request for Proposals for an evaluation, consulting or research firm (hereafter called verification ferry) to manage coffee  tree stumping verification and incentive disbursement to coffee formers who practiced a good agricultural practice called stumping

Expected start date: January 2021

1. Background

1.1 Background on TechnoServe

Technoserve is a leader in harnessing the power of the private sector to help people in themselves out of poverty. A nonprofit organization operating in 29 countries, we work with enterprising men and women in the developing world to build competitive farms, businesses and industries. By linking people to information capital and markets, we have helped millions to create lasting prosperity for their families and communities. With more than 50 years of proven results. TechnoServe believes in the power of private enterprise to transform lives.

1.2 Background on the project

Since, 2019 TechnoServe has been implementing a 3-year project called the JDE Origin Project Ethiopia. The agronomy part of the project operates in Manna woreda, Jimma Zone and aims to increase the supply of sustainably produced unwashed coffees from Western Ethiopia Jimma Zone and increase farmers’ income. A major activity has been training formers on the techniques and benefits of good agricultural practices (GAP) through TechnoServe’s practical Coffee Farm College (CFC) training program. The two year training program delivered hands on monthly GAP trainings  to 7,500 coffee farmers, divided into Focal Former Groups (FFG) of approximately 30 farmers. In January 2021. farmers will receive their third and final training on stumping the most critical GAP Stumping is a yield driving GAP that involves cutting trees at the base to allow growth of new stems  and selecting the best suckers to regrow the free. Smallholder coffee farmers have been reluctant to stump primarily due to the acute short-term loss of income from the stumped frees that are taken out of production for one to two years. To help formers overcome the economic burden of  stumping coffee buyer JDE plans to compensate farmers for the temporary loss in yield from stumping the coffee trees to encourage this critical best practice Adoption of stumping will increase free productivity and form profitability and are the buyer can continue sourcing quality from  the Jimma Zone in the future,

Figure 1: example of a stumped coffee field

Depending on the number of trees a former stumps, he or she will be compensated through in kind incentives such as a package of farm tools. The exact form of me incentive will be discussed with the local government authorities. The conditional  incentive scheme is based on lessons learned during two successfully completed plots in Sidama. Based on previous  experience, we anticipate around 20% of the 7500 farmers to stump an average of 100 -200 trees on their farm

The coffee buyer JDE  agrees to provide a package of form tools to trained farmers who stump follow the last training of coffee Farm College during  the first quarter of 2021. After stumping has been verified, formers will receive their fools during a public event at each of the 13 kebeles. Example of packages are

  • Package 1 – for famers who stump between 50-99 trees pruning shear bow  Saw and blade
  • Package 2 – for former who stump between 100-149 trees, pruning shear, bow sow and blade, zappa, spade
  • Package 3 – for formers who stump between 150+ -trees: wheelbarrow, pruning shear

TechnoServe will develop communication materials to distribute to farmers during the January stumping training Materials will summarize the different incentives offered and other details such as timeline (see example information card right)

Materials intended for farmers will utilize pictorial examples and be easily understood by farmers with different levels of literacy. TechnoServe will have detailed instructions for the Technoserve farmer trainers (FTs) to communicate to farmers during training,

The project seeks to contract a verification firm to track and monitor stumping adoption and distribute the incentive package to adopting farmers based on the number of for trees stumped trees during the stumping period of January to the end of March 2021

2. Scope of Work

The verification firm will be responsible for the verification of adoption of stumping on farmers’ fields as well as the distribution of the incentive packages  Responsibilities includes:

Track farmers who stumped trees based on information from agronomy team in the field

TechnoServe FTs will visit farmers in their training groups during January and February to record who stumped trees, and pass that information on to the verification form. The verification firm will develop a database recording this information from FTs. In addition the verification company will conduct interviews with the 24 FT’s and the 288 Focal Farmers to confirm all known households how have stumped. Lists of households who have stumped will be used to conduct verification and counting visits during the month of April

Perform farm verification visits and interview farmers

The firm with hire and manage a team of enumerators and their supervisors to conduct the farm stumping verifications visits Stumped tree counts and interviews Based on information provided by the TechnoServe agronomy team the enumerators will conduct independent verification visits  to verify the number of trees stumped and lake GPS tagged photos of the stumped area. In addition, the enumerators will record farmer reported numbers of trees stumped prior to 2021 (without incentive) and ask qualitative questions to the farmers to gain insight into coffee farming Household characteristics and the motivations of stumping farmers. This survey shall be completed on tablets for which the survey tool would need to be  developed by the verification company and approved by TechnoServe and should include a photo of the fame for later incentive distribution .the  firm must also develop and distribute receipts to the formers who stump as a guarantee that he/she will receive the appropriate incentive during  the kebele level distribution events.

Coordinate with government authorities and project team

The verification will be responsible for coordinating the distribution of incentives with the project team  and with local governmental authorities to ensure  smooth implementation

Disburse incentives and confirmation of receipt

The verification firm is responsible for disbursing incentives to stumping farmers. Technosserve will competitively procure farming tools based on the amounts required for distribution. The firm will also organize the public disbursement events for farmers to receive their incentive rewards and invite all  relevant stakeholders  will manage the transparent and efficient disbursement of incentives to all farmers who have been verified to have   stumped  this involves checking of ID’s formers photo, signing for tools on a tablet – based survey

Analyze stiumping adoption rate and develop an evaluation report

Based on the data gathered during verification visits and post intervention stakeholder interviews, the firm will write a stumping verification report in  English and accompanying slide deck to present. The report will analyze the success of the intervention, compare adoption rates to previous years  (based on observational data collected during the verification visit), and provide advice to TechnoServe for further stumping incentive interventions elsewhere in the country.

Propose timeline






Project set-up


Proposal submission by firm and

TechnoServe evaluation of proposals

Complete contracting with TechnoServe

Prepare workplan

Background research

Obtain list of participating kebeles from agronomy team

Prepare qualitative Instruments and related materials

Approval from government authorities

Coordinate with TechnoServe to meet with government authorities to obtain all applicable survey approvals

January to


Program design


Coordinate with Techno Serve to finalize a list of tools that farmers need

ID tools with unique code label for identification



Farmer trainer visits

Coordinate with TechnoServe to ensure FTs are capturing data to identify stumped farmers

Monitor data on the server and provided feedback to TechnoServe



Identification of farmers

Complete field preparation survey with FTs and local farmers (FFs) to identify all stumped farmers

Prepare final list of farmers to survey

Data collection



Complete survey instrument (including translation)

Complete field testing of instrument and counting methodology

Complete all relevant materials and training notes (including translation)

Complete training of enumerators


April 2020


Data collection


Complete data collection and related quality checks for all stomped farmers that were indicated by Techno Serve FTs and FFS

Distribute guarantee receipts to farmers who stumper enough trees to quality for an incentive

Distribution of  tools and/or cash



Prepare list of farmers and packages to be distributed

Prepare a survey instrument and survey notes for efficient distribution of tools

Organize distribution event at each wee and organize logistics etc.



Analyzing the data and write final report and produce a slide deck


 3. Bid submission


3.1 Profile of Evaluation form

A competitive bid for the stumping verification assignment will demonstrate

  • At least five years of experience in designing and leading evaluation studies and managing pilots as part of agricultural livelihood programs or market facilitation programs preferably in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Knowledge and experience with gender-sensitive data collection and analysis
  • Proven ability to use quantitative qualitative and participatory evaluation methods with examples and references that con speak to this experience
  • Data analysis and presentation skills
  • Strong writing ability, particularly in English
  • Must have an office in Ethiopia
  • Sensitivity to cultural/historical context in the data collection process

3.2 Period of Performance

The period of performance of any contract resulting from this solicitation is anticipated to begin on or about January 1, 2021, and last for five months.

3.3 Submission Process and Evaluation of Proposals

  1. Interested parties who intend to submit a proposal for this RFP should notify Technoserve of their intent to bid are required to submit the financial and technical proposals separately with full package of licenses (when applicable), resumes and references with the address at the bottom  of the RFQ
  2. The technical and financial document should be submitted with the subject line “stumping verification project in Jimma” by December 15, 2020
  3. All questions must be submitted by December 4, 2020 TechnoServe will provide a transparent response to interested parties by December 7,2020,
  4.  Submission must include:
  • a. A cover letter summarizing the applicant’s interest, capacity to implement the evaluation plan for this project and contact details. (1pgs)
  • b. A description of the proposed evaluation approach, planning and timeline. (1-2 pgs)
  • c. List of the three relevant evaluation assignments, including a description of why these are relevant to this RFP and what learnings were drawn from that assignment. (1 pg)
  • d. Concise biographical paragraphs of the evaluator(s), outlining previous evaluation experience and accomplishments as it relates to demonstrating the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill the requirements of the RFP
  • e. A budget and budget notes for implementing the stumping verification project including critical assumptions informing the estimate (1 pgs)
  • f. Optional one example of a similar project recently completed or any other document that demonstrates implementation capacity. These documents will be handled with the utmost confidentiality)

The following criteria will be used to evaluate and rank the proposals submitted.


% of score

Proposed Evaluative Approach and Suitability


Past Performance









TechnoServe reserves the right to award the contract to the firm whose proposal is deemed to be in the best interest of TechnoServe and the Donor

The time with the winning proposal will be notified in writing Applicants who are not selected will also be notified.

Proposals must remains valid through December 31, 2020


Rebecca Bldg, 8th Floor, Haile G/Selassie Rd, 22 area, next to Axum Hotel

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia