South West Shoa Zone Water Resource Development and Energy Office

Ethiopian Herald Nov14,2020



  1.  The South West Shoa Zone Water and Energy Resource development Office Invites water well drilling and construction contractors of category – 3 and above who have the capacity for the Drilling and Construction of Shallow Water Wells for (Ameya, Dawo, Becho, Saden Sodo, Weliso, and Goro districts) LOT 1 for 18 Shallow wells. Bid Document can be purchased from our Office at a working date with a non-refundable fee of 300.00 (Three hundred birr) per LOT starting from 14/11/2020 to 7/12/2020 for 21 calendar days.
  2. A bidder must have a Renewed Work Permit from Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity /Oromia Construction Bureau, Renewed Trade License, TIN, VAT Certificate and confirmation of Rig Ownership. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of CPO or unconditional Bank guarantee of 1% price of the total project cost valid for 90 days after the date Mof bid opening. The bid security must be addressed to South West Shoa Zone Water and Energy Resource Mdevelopment Office and specific Lot.
  3. The dead line of Financial and Technical bid submission shall be on or before 2:00 PM of 7/12/2020 Bids will be opened on 7/12/2020 at 2:30 PM in South West Shoa Zone Water and Energy Resource development Office.
  4.  One original and two copies of separately sealed Technical offer document shall be placed in one large outer a wax sealed envelope marked as “THE TECHNICAL OFFER DOCUMENT”. And One Moriginal and two copies of separately sealed Financial offer document shall be placed in one large outer a wax-sealed envelope marked as “THE FINANCIAL OFFER DOCUMENT”. The bid security envelop shall be placed in financial offer document envelope. All large Mouter envelope and inner envelops shall be wax sealed, Mstamped, signed and shall bear the submission address, client name, project Name, Address of the client and Maddress of the bidder and to be clearly marked as M“TO BE OPENED ONLY IN THE PRESENCE OF TENDER COMMITTEE”. If all envelops are not Msealed, have no necessary information and marked Mas required, the public body/technical committee/ shall assume no responsibility for misplacement or premature opening of the bid.
  5. The Financial and Technical offer document shall remain sealed and deposited in a box prepared for this Mpurpose in the presence of auditor or any other authorized body by the client.
  6. Bidder who gets the highest bid point with sum of Mtechnical and financial for the total bid evaluation after arithmetic check shall be recognized for award of Mrespective LOT.
  7. Any attempt of submission of forged document shall result in rejection of bidder.
  8. The validity of the bid shall be 90 days from the date of bid opening
  9. South West Shoa Zone Water and Energy Resource development Office reserve the right to reject any or all bids.

South West Shoa Zone ater & Energy Resource Development Office. In front of Saint Luke Catholic Hospital, College Nursing and Midwifery