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Addis Zemen Nov11,2020

INVITATATION FOR core drilling service BID

NCB BID 013/2013

South Design and Construction Supervision Enterprise intend to procurecore drilling service for Gambela Region Gilo large scale irrigation project study works..

Personnel requirements

The Drilling Contractor shall provide capable and experienced personmeno brezhoni), nel to perform the work. The Drilling Contractor’s project manager shall be an Engineering Geologist or drilling engineer with at least 10 years of drilling experience who shall be responsible for site operations. At each drill site, the Drilling Contractor shall also provide an Engineering Geologist or drilling engineer with at least 4 years’ experience and other suitable to perform the work. Changes in personnel during the execution of the contract “shall be done subject to the approval of the Supervisor or Designated Representative. The Drilling Contractor shall be fully operational, with the drilling unit and installation crew working within twoweeks of commencing core drilling construction.

The Contractor shall submit with his Geotechnical Plan, an organizational chart showing the structure of the working team and the number of personnel who will be employed for the works. The Contractor shall submit qualifications of its personnel to the client SDCSE at the time of submissions Technical Proposal.

Material requirement

  • The equipment shall include heavy duty drilling rigs provided with hydraulic feed mechanisms to facilitate obtaining undisturbed soil samples in overburden and cores in the rock. Drill rods should have a minimum outer diameter of 76mm supplied by the specialized manufacturer. Rods and joints have to be in perfect condition to avoid failures and deviation of boreholes..
  • The toe to the lining shall no time be more than 1.0 m above the level to which soil has been removed from the borehole. Before taking any undisturbed samples or making any in-situ tests, the lining shall be carried down to the bottom of the bore holes at the test depth. The Contractor shall use an adequate number of drilling rigs for core diameters of at least 76.2mm (NX-Size) both in rock and overburden. Larger diameter cores maybe specifically requested by the Client forlaboratory testing.
  • The machines shall be mobile or type so that small crews can reasonably be expected to move them across difficult terrain. No additional allowance or payment will be made for penetration of boulders, cementing, and use of bentonite circulation and reaming of the hole.
  • Cementing and bentonite circulation may only be applied after approval of the Client. The Contractor shall provide all necessary water, water tanks and suitable means of pressurizing for cleaning casing prior to sampling, coring rock etc.
  • The Contractor shall provide such platforms as may be necessary maintain drill rigs level when making horizontal or vertical borings on sloped land, soft ground and similar.
  • The Contractor shall provide pontoons and such platforms as may be necessary to maintain drillrigs level when making vertical borings in the middile of a river.
  • Coring of rock and undisturbed sampling shall be done with rigs mounted on a fixed platform to avoid any crucial disturbance
  1. Detail information is indicated in a separate complete set of separate bidding document (TOR) which are FREE OF CHARGE.
  2. Bidders should have relevant license renewed & valid for the year 2012 E.C, TIN certificate
  3. The bid must be delivered wax sealed to the South Design and Construction Supervision Enterprise procurement administration service office No 23 Hawassa and put into the tender Box prepared for the tender, at or before 2:30 PM on 15th days of this announcement on newspaper.
  4. The bid document should be prepared in Technical and financial one original and one copy dully marked “original & copy” on the Envelop. Financial and technical offers must be submitted with our format in the bid document.
  5. Bid will be closed at 2:30 PM (8:30 local time) on 15th days of the announcement and immediately opened at 3:00pm in the presence ofbidders or their legal representatives who are interested tỞ attend at Şouth Design and Construction Supervision Enterprise procurement woll administration service office No 23 Hawassa city. If the 15th day, is not a working day the closing and opening of the bid will take place on the next working day at the same time and the same venue.
  6. Sealed bid should be delivered accompanied by 2% bid security of the total cost, in an acceptable bank guarantee (CPO) or certified cheque, valid for 120 days after bid opening.
  7. The enterprise reserves the right to cancel all or parts of the bid. Interested bidders may obtain further information from South Design And Construction Supervision Enterprise procurement administration service office No 23 Hawassa city, Tel .046 212 5426,

Full address: – South Design and Construction Supervision Enterprise located on the Hawassa university avenue besidesSNNPR Road Authority, Hawassa.