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Reporter Jan31,2021





SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia is an International Nongovernmental organization and a member of the SOS Children’s Villages International Federation. We started our humanitarian work in Ethiopia with the opening of our first Village in Mekelle, the Northern part of Ethiopia in 1974.

Since then, we have expanded our programs to different regions where there are significant needs for intervention and where we believe we can work in partnership with all relevant actors to bring sustainable positive outcomes for children and young people.

Today, we have grown significantly to meet the persistent challenges that confront Ethiopian children who have lost parental care and those that are at risk of losing their parental care. Working in close collaboration with international donors, local government and community-based organizations across seven program locations; we aspire that every child grows up with love, respect and security.

SOS CVE in addition to the Charity section runs a Social Enterprise established following the provisions of the commercial code of the country provisions of the CSO legislation. The major aim of the social enterprise is to provide quality education services to its customers.

General Objective

SOS CVE has an initiative aimed at establishing a governing board for the Social Enterprise anchoredin SOS Kindergartens and Hermann Gmeiner Schools. Establishing the board would serve two major purposes. On the one hand it would help meet the legal requirements that non-profit operated Social Enterprises should be run by a governing board, and on the other hand, when it comes into existence, all pertinent duties, responsibilities and roles that the SOS CVE National Management Team is currently playing would be transferred to it and they will be executed better.

Hence the board will be responsible for supporting the Social Enterprise by providing strategic support and expertise, providing access to a wide-range of valuable external networks, ensuring the vison and legacy of the enterprise, and by signaling credibility to external stakeholders.


  • Enhanced credibility and trustworthiness with regulatory bodies, external partners and service users
  • Strategic directions that will guide the future growth and development of the Social Enterprise will be set by the board:
  • The board will provide financial oversight that will ensure greater accountability and transparency
  • The board will bring in additional expertise that SOS CVS as a charitable organization doesn’t have
  • Creates opportunity to introduce new ideas that can be adapted to changing local context and needs
  • Helps ensure greater adherence and compliance to internal and external regulations and requirements
  • Ensures better supervision and support to the General Manager of the Social Enterprise
  • The board will advocate and represent the Social Enterprise in public forums

Expected Deliverables

The legal advisor is expected to engage and deliver on the subsequent result areas:

  • Revised project charter in the context of the country’s legal framework;
  • Provide legal briefing highlighting policy, fiscal and regulatory environment specific to Social Enterprise in Ethiopia;
  • Conducting legal analysis and researching legal matters related with board development;
  • Providing advice on legal matters related with the project under consideration;
  • support in developing guideline for the nomination and selection of board members
  • Prepare board membership agreement
  • Develop board manual or handbook or bylaw
  • certificate of registration from a relevant government  authority


1. Documentation

To be considered for this consultancy service opening, interested and qualified consulting firms should provide the following documents in a sealed envelope to our office within ten (10) days of this announcement:

  • Renewed Business License for the current year;
  • TIN certificate;
  • VAT certificate;
  • Previous related work experience; and
  • Individuals CV.

 2. Qualification& competences

  • LLM or above and minimum 10 years of relevant experience in researching, analysis in CSO and for-profit  sector;
  • Relevant experience on legal research, legal writing, legislative drafting;
  • Excellent knowledge and understanding of legal context of the country;
  • Excellent written and spoken skills in Amharic and English;
  • Experience in the law field particularly in board  development, civil society organizations (CSO) proclamation and commercial code;
  • Ability to work well within a team and individually;
  • Previous experience in board development in CSOs and for-profit sector

Timeline for completing the assignment

SOS Children villages Ethiopia anticipates the consultant to complete this assignment within 3 months starting from the signing of the consultancy agreement.


Interested and eligible candidates or firms must submit the technical and financial proposal in a separate sealed envelope clearly marked with “RFP for Legal and Advisory service” before 5:00 PM on February 5 2021 at:

SOS Children’s Villages Ethiopia

 National Office, Addis Ababa

Bole, around Atlas Hotel in front of Azzeman Hotel,

Tell: +251116623713

NB. All submissions shall be in hard copy, soft copy submission will not be accepted.

Reserves the right:

  • SOS Children’s villages Ethiopia reserves all rights to accept or reject any or all bids.