Save the Children (SC)

Reporter Aug9,2020

Save the Children


Tender Title: Rural Water Supply Construction

Tender Reference No.: T-SCI-ET-2020-012

Save the Children is the world’s leading independent non-profit organization for children.

Save the Children hereby invites competent contractors to submit a sealed tender for the following construction work in the Somali Regional State:

  • Rural Water Supply Construction at Tabi Kebele, Erer Woreda, Siti Zone of Somali Regional State(SRS).

Bidders with GC/WWC Grade 6 and above may obtain the Tender Documents, including the Tender Guidelines, Contract Template, Specification and Bill of quantities for each of the aforementioned activities against payment of a non-refundable Birr 100.00 (one hundred Birr only) for the lot from Save the Children Country Office at Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa Field Office at Dire Dawa Town from August 10, 2020-August 19,2020 during working hours between 8:30-11:40 AM and 1:30 – 4:00 PM from the following address:

Save the Children International, Ethiopia, Addis Ababa Country Office, Addis Ababa, near Bisrate Gabriel Church, Supply Chain | Procurement Office | Tel # 0113-728455 /61

Save the Children International, Ethiopia, Dire Dawa Field Office, Dire Dawa Town Near Telecommunication Office, Supply Chain | Procurement Office | Tel # +0251-118328/29

Tenders duly filled must be accompanied by:

  • Renewed business license for the year 2012 E.C.
  • VAT registration certificate; Contractor’s Competency Certificate etc.
  • Company profile showing past performance record on similar works and other relevant credentials;
  • Bid Security in the name of “Save the Children International”  for 2% of bid amount in the form of CPO or Bank Guarantee valid at least for three months from the date of bid opening. (Cash and insurance are not acceptable).

Note: please attach CPO in the original financial document.

Bids must be put in wax- sealed envelope, clearly marked by “bidders name, address, legal Stamp and name of the project site (Lot number) and their address” and submit their technical and financial document in one (1) original and One (1) copy for both, (different envelopes) for the lot all separately wax-sealed to Save the Children Dire Dawa Field Office (Dire Dawa Town only) on August 20,2020 before 10:00AM

Remark: It is Bidders responsibility to submit their bid document at Dire Dawa Field Office, Dire Town only.

Bids will be opened on the same date, August 20, 2020 at 10:30 AM at Save the Children Dire Dawa Field Office (Dire Dawa Town only) in the presence of bidders or bidder’s representatives who wish to attend.

Save the Children reserves the right to accept or reject the entire or partial part of this bid.