PSI Ethiopia

Reporter Jun21,2020


OF AUTOMATED Vehicle Tracking System 

Bid No. PSI/001/2020 

1. PSI Ethiopia, a non governmental Organization, invites sealed bids from eligible bidders meeting the below criteria to participate in this invitation to bid (ITB) to setup, manage and maintain the “Automated Vehicles tracking Systems” comprising of Geographic Information System (GIS), Global Positioning System (GPS) along with fuel level sensor and including vehicle navigation features on its vehicles. 

2. Bidders who will be technically and financially qualified to this ITB will be warded to do the work. 



Minimum Qualification Criteria


Submitting Clear Copies of Renewed Business License, TIN Certificate and VAT Registration Certificate


Submitting Bid Security Bond amounting 20,000 birrs in the form of COP/ bank guaranty


One years and above work experience

Technical Qualification criteria out of 60 %


Qualification out of 30 %

  • Provide expected report out of 15%; GPS – summary report should depict the number of trips made, total traveled KM, average spent time and visited places, halted time, over speed, harsh break and geo-fence violations reports along with date and time for a period etc. and Fuel Sensor – Number and volume of refills, Number and volume of drains, Absolute fuel consumptions – number of liters consumed during the time period & Relative consumption – KM per Litter, litters/100 km, etc.
  • Office setup out of 5%: bidders will be evaluated based on their offer setup which will be used to determine the level of organization.
  • Number of Professional staff out of 10%: bidders will be evaluated by assessing the number of professional staff they have which will be used to determine their customer service level.


Years of experience in the business out of 20 % 5yrs & above

  • 5yrs & above — will get 20% out of 20%
  • 3yrs to 4yrs — will get 15% out of 20 %
  • 2yrs to 3 yrs– will get 10% out of 20 %
  • 1 – 2 yrs — will get 5% out of 20 %


working experience with INGOs, Embassies and International Organizations. Out of 10 %

  • Attaching testimonial letter from more than 5 international org………… will get 10% out of 10%
  • Attaching testimonial letter from 5 or less international org…………… will get 5% out of 10%


Financial Evaluation out of 40%


  • Least price quoted will get 40% out of 40%


Total = Technical Qualification criteria out of 60 % + Financial Evaluation out of 40%

3.Bidder s can obtain bidding documents from psi Ethiopia office finance department (see address below) during office hours (Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:00 Pm, Friday 8:00 AM to 12:30 Pm) starting from june 22nd,2020 to july 3rd,2020by paying anone refeundable fee birr 50(fifty Birr only) wax sealed and stamped bid documents must be delivered to psi Ethiopia office on or before july 6th,2020,10:00p.m. or 4:00 o’clock in the morning local time , late bids shall be rejected 

4.psI Ethiopia reserves the right to reject any or all bids 

psI Ethiopia

Bole sub city kebele 03/07 nambia street from Edna mall to bole atlas hotel on the right side of the road Adjuscent to sos international villages 11th floor on meti building 

  • Tel +251-11-667-4607/2511166745666, Addis Ababa Ethiopia