Invitation to Open Tender No PCI/0023/21 to Supply a Turnkey Project for MDF Manufacturing Plant.


Precise Consult International (PCI) on behalf of a private company, which is interested in expanding and diversifying its business through investing in Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) manufacturing process in Ethiopia (“the Company”), invites eligible and qualified suppliers to submit their bidding document for supply of an MDF Production Plant (“the Plant”) with a capacity of 300m3 per day or 100,000m3 per annum.

Bid documents must be sent by email to [email protected] on and/or [email protected] before February 01, 2021 before 9:30 AM EST. Late bids will be rejected.

Interested Bidders (“the Supplier”) shall be capable of providing the following Services:






Turnkey Design

Provide full design of the Plant, input requirements, drawing layout of the Plant, two design options: one automatic and one semi-automatic, Solid Resin and Glue Production Plant Designs


Machinery Supply

Machinery supply of all the machineries, spare parts, laboratory equipment, safety equipment, material handling equipment, auxiliary equipment, treatment plants, painting (spray finish) department, internal door manufacturing equipment, engraving and laminating equipment, erection equipment, and environmental and pollution controlling equipment.


Machinery erection, commissioning and Testing

The Supplier shall conduct civil works supervision, oversee of erecting machineries in production lines, waste treatment plant and auxiliary plant, and assign a Project Manager. The Supplier shall assign training, hand over, performance test, erection, testing and commissioning crew.


Employee Training Program

The Supplier shall provide a comprehensive training program which certifies employees for a fully operational manufacturing plant.


Interested bidders should have a business organization registration certificate and trade license issued by their respective country of establishment. For Ethiopian suppliers, tax clearance certificate valid at bidding date and VAT registration certificate.

All documents, including manuals, charts, drawings, and manufacturer’s specification literature that are included with the bid shall be in English.

The changing of standard models, substituting new components not shown in the literature or specifications or over rating the items thereof to meet the requirements of the invitation may result in rejection of bid.

Bids and modifications or withdrawals thereof received after the time for bid opening will not be considered.

Interested Bidders shall get the complete request for tender document by contacting either [email protected] or [email protected] using subject line: “Request for Invitation to Bid Documents”.

PRECISE CONSULT INTERNATIONAL reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.