Peace and Development Center/PDC/

Reporter Sep20,2020



1. Organizational Overview 

Peace and Development Centre (PDC) is a non-governmental, non-partisan and non-profit making organization working on fol the areas of conflict mitigation and peacebuilding in almost all regional states. Its mission is to advocate and nurture a culture of Peace and Development through proactive grassroots participation by fostering customary and modern conflict resolution mechanisms in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.Since 

its inception, PDC has been implementing several projects and programs in partnership with different actors to fulfill its mission. Since recently, PDC has collaborated with USAIDto implement a 

Cross-Boundary Initiative for Peace (CIP) Project in administrative boundary areas between East Hararghe and Fafen Zones of Oromia and Somali regional states, respectively. 

2. Background: Project Goal and Objectives 

Cross-Boundary Initiative for Peace (CIP) project is a conflict mitigation and reconciliation project funded by USAID-from the American people and implemented by Peace and Development Center (PDC) in collaboration with the two zones. The overall goal of the project is to ensure peaceful coexistence and social cohesion among conflicting communities in TuluGuled Woreda of Fafen Zone and Chinaksan Woreda of East Hararghe Zone. 

In order to meet the desired goal, the project is intended to provide different capacity building trainings for people from formal and informal institutions as well as from the community representatives.PDC would like to employ a competent individual consultant or consultancy firm who have good understanding about the nature and dynamics of the conflict between Oromo and Somali clans and can prepare a standardized training module that will be used for these capacity building trainings. 

3. Objectives of the consultancy work 

The major objective of this consultancy work is to produce upto-date and tailormade training modules in English language on the following major themes 

  • Module 1: Transformative Leadership 
  • Module Il: ConflictManagement Skills 
  • Module Ill: Conflict sensitive Leadership 
  • Module IV: Problem-solving Dialogue and Peaceful Resolution of Conflicts 

4. Scope of the Consultancy Work 

The scope of this consultancy workis limited to the production of four training modulesand their training guides in English language. The modules should have local flavors and easily adaptable to train different groups such as government officials, elders, and leaders of customary institutions. Allotted time for the development of each module is 15 working day after the approval of the table of contents. 

5. Deliverables 

The consultant/consultancy firm is expected to deliver the following outputs.

  • Inception report with clear table of contents (ToCs) for each module within 5 days after the award of the consultancy work; 
  • Final and amended version of the ToCs; 
  • Four training modules with 60-80 pages each. Each module should also have training guide 
  • Amend comments and submit final version of each module 
  • Clear timeline and financial proposal to accomplish the consultancy work. The financial proposal should indicate estimated number of days required to develop each module and cost per dayincluding any applicable taxes. 

6. Profile of Consultant/firm 

The consultant or the key experts in the consultancy firm should have Master’sdegree and above levels of study in the areas of peace and conflict studies and/or relevant fields of studies with proven practical experience in developing training materials. Furthermore, the consultant/firm is expected to: 

  • Have proven work experience in areas areas of conflict management, problem-solving dialogue conflict sensitivity,and other relevant areas; 
  • Be aware ofthe ethnic diversity, sensitivity, and current sociopolitical situation of the project context; 
  • Have analytical ability to put the contents of the training modules in a logical order; 
  • Have good mastery of instructional language and conflict sensitive communication; 
  • Familiar with formal and informal conflict resolution and peacebuilding mechanisms; 
  • Deliver the expected outputswithin the agreed timeline. 

7. Submission of the technical proposal 

The consultant/consulting firm is expected to submit the technical 

proposal together with the following supportive documents. 

  • The necessary documents/performance certificate that shows previous experience of the consultant/firm, 
  • Updated CV/s of key expert/s, 
  • Financialproposal to produce each module. A consultant/firm can apply for one or all of the training module/s.However, cost and timeline should be prepared for each module separately 
  • For a consultancy firm, in addition to the above listed documents: 
  • VAT registration certificate issued by the tax authority; 
  • A valid tax clearance certificate issued by the tax authority; 
  • Business organization registration certificate or trade license 

Documents can be submitted directly to the Office of Peace and Development Centre, which is found at Haya Hulet, Togo Street, around Golagol Tower on the way to Dinberwa Hospital, P.O.Box 41879; Tel : +251116612271, Mobile. 0929172596, Addis Ababa Ethiopia OR attach the sealed and scanned version to   within 5 working days after the consultancy work is advertised on the Reporter Newspaper.