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Reporter Nov11,2020


Training program for journalist on reporting gender-based violence (GBV) during Covid 19 pandemic objectively and Accurately 

1. Introduction

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, including increased burdens of caregiving, disrupted livelihoods and education, and an increase in violence, significantly and disproportionately affect the most vulnerable and marginalized groups in society, including women and girls.

Pact is an international non-governmental organization working in Ethiopian since 1996. Pact works for the attainment of sustainable and equitable development through enhancing the capacity of development actors and communities, promoting Partnership and inter-sectoral linkage and inclusion of vulnerable and marginalized groups. Pact partners with Amhara Women Association (AWA) and Oromia omen Association (OWA) to implement a program entitled Raising Awareness of GBV during COVID-19 Pandemic with technical and financial support for USAID.

The overall objective of the project is to create awareness in communities on GBV and the rights of women and girls related to early marriage, abduction, domestic violence. The project also aims at educating the community on right to girls’ education. It works to establish and strengthen platforms for discussion and advocacy on GBV mainly domestic violence, early marriage and girls’ right to education among duty bearers including the media with attention to COVID-19-related violence.

The media has a great role to play in preventing and responding to GBV. Media professionals should be capacitated both in terms of accurate case profiling and reporting on GBV and apply ethical standards throughout their coverage of GVB related incidents. In light of this, a plan is built in the project to train media professionals (radio, TV and print media journalists) on accurate and objective GBV case (abduction, rape, domestic violence, early marriage etc.) reporting during the COVID-19 pandemic. The training will be in two rounds: for AWA target media professionals in Bahirdar and for OWA target media professionals in Addis Ababa,

This TOR is prepared to recruit a consultant/team of consultants that can undertake the tasks outlined under the following sections within a definite timeline to meet the deliverables specified for this assignment.

II. Objective:

The work under this assignment seeks to enhance awareness and understanding of journalists of different media outlets working in the Amhara and Oromia region on GBV and to enable them to apply ethical standards in their reporting whilst ensuring the safety and dignity of GBV victims and survivors at all times.

The key objectives under this assignment include:

  • Discuss the different forms and legal aspects of GBV, guiding principles and key ethical standards on GBV reporting.
  • Enhance the capacity of selected radio, TV and print media journalists on skills associated with reporting GBV related violence cases/issues.
  • Encourage the media to play its role in educating the public on GBV awareness and prevention.

III Scope of Work:

The Consultant is expected to implement the following tasks.

  • Develop the training contents, syllabi (develop outlines with sufficient details to inform instruction), and training materials. The training should cover at the minimum
  • Introduction and overview of gender and GBV
  • Social norms, gender stereotypes, and GBV myths
  • National and international laws related to GBV
  • The role of media in addressing gender and GBV
  • Media and GBV reporting ethical standards
  • International and national guidelines on media reporting of gender issues including GBV
  • Gender-sensitive reporting – How to identify, develop and report stories addressing GBV including interviewing victims/informants
  • develop guidelines for assessing competencies gained in the traing pre and post-testing to assess the effectiveness of the training 
  • Plan the training in consultation with Pact, AWA and OWA team; discuss on the materials, duration, and timing of the training for a better outcome.
  • Conduct /facilitate hands-on training from (maximum three days) using participatory facilitation such as role-playing on interviewing, case studies, group exercises, story analysis, and appropriate media report samples to help participant analyze and obtain lessons learned and good reporting. The training days shall be determined in consultation with Pact and its partners.
  • Develop final training report with executive summary, discussion issues and way forward proposed by training participants.

IV Expected Deliverables

The following will be the expected deliverables of the consultancy:

  • Work plan for developing & conducting the training/ workshops, including training outline and methodologies.
  • Successful facilitation of the training/workshop in a participatory manner that fully engages participants throughout the training exercise.
  • Evaluation of the trainer/facilitator work based on evaluation forms received from participants
  • The final report that includes an executive summary of the report, the discussion, issues, questions, agreed on collective actions, observations on the topics which draw in most discussion and key recommendations for OWA’s short, medium, and long-term media partnership engagement.


  • Advanced University Degree in law, human rights, gender, social work, journalism, or other relevant disciplines.
  • At least 5 years of prior experience in developing training manuals and conducting gender-sensitive training with strong experience in GBV and/or journalism training
  • Excellent knowledge of international and national laws related to GBV, guidelines, and ethical standards in media reporting of GBV
  • Familiarity with GBV and its impact on women/girls is an added value.
  • Familiar with Ethiopia’s media landscape, GBV and media’s challenge is desirable
  • Practical experience in handling GBV cases, advocacy, and reporting is an added value.
  • Strong presentation and facilitation skills and the ability to lead a plenary

VI. Evaluation Criteria

  • Technical proposal- 70%
  • Financial proposal – 30%

VII. How to Apply:

Interested established institution/consulting firms or individuals with existing team members shall submit Curriculum Vitae (CV). Technical and Financial proposal in a separate envelop on or before November 20, 2020, to Pact Office in person located behind Capital Hotel (Weha Limat)

Contact person: Yodith Yomenu, email:  

Tel:-251-11-661-6244 /661 69 39/6572

Please note that selection will be based on:

  • Adherence to schedule and punctuality
  • Creativity and cost