Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise

Ethiopian Herald Jun14,2020

 Invitation to Bid


Oromia Forest and Wildlife Enterprise (OFWE) invites all interested and eligible bidders for purchase of Consulting service for Environmental Impact Assessment Study for Bekelcha Mango and Tomato Processing Industry.


  1. A complete set of bidding documents can be purchased by any interested bidders from the date of this announcement up to June 30/2020 (ሰኔ 23/2012 ዓ.ም.) up on payment of non-refundable fee birr 100 (One Hundred Birr) during working hours from OFWE’s Head Office, at Kebena, Oromia Forest & wild life Enterprise Building, 4th floor Office No.201
  2. Bidders should submit currently renewed license for 2012 EFY, VAT and Tax Registration certificates and supplier list registration certificate.
  3. All bids must be accompanied by bid security amounting 2% of the total amount of bid in the form of CPO/unconditional bank guarantee/ issued by a recognized domestic bank in Addis Ababa.
  4. The bidders must provided a separate Financial and Technical Original, Copy, Bid Bond & supporting documents in a separate well sealed and packed in one big envelop for bids & duly marking the inner envelop as “original” and “copy” and shall be sealed in mother envelope and placed in the tender box reserved for this purpose.
  5. Bidders should submit their offer to OFWE’s Head Office on/or before June 31/2020 (ሰኔ  23/2012ዓ.ም) at 10:00 & the bid will be opened in the presence of interested bidders or their representatives on the same date at 10:30AM OFWE’s Head Office.
  6. It is impossible for any bidders to quote bid price depending on price quoted by any other bidders.
  7. Late bid shall not be accepted and return unopened.
  8. OFWE reserves the right to reject or accept the bids partially or fully.

Address: -Oromia Forest and Wildlife

Enterprise (OFWE) Addis Ababa, Arada


Sub-City, Woreda 07 Kabana

Tel.No.01-11-22-00-20/84, 0111-24-02-58

Fax No.011-124-64-55

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia