Oromia Agricultural Cooperative Federation

Addis Zemen Jan18,2021

 Oromia Agricultural Cooperative

Federation LTD Assela Malt Factory

Invitation for National Competitive Bid


  1. Our factory wants to purchase Two Double Cabinet Pick up Diesel Vehicles and One 2020 Model Diesel 13 Seat Service Minibus by inviting eligible and competitive bidders with a national open competitive bid (NCB).
  2. Interested Ethiopian competitive bidders shall be included in the renewed relevant license for the 2012/13 budget year, VAT registration certificate, and Tax Identification Number (TIN).
  3. Bids must be Submitted at Assela Malt Factory’s Liaison Office Mexico Square Coffee and Plantation building ground floor in the tender box prepared for this purpose:
  • Deadline for submission of bid February 09/02/2021 or Yekatit 2/06/2013 EC time before 11:00 AM Before noon, Technical envelopes opening date and time: February 09/02/2021 or Yekatit 2/06/2013 E.C, at 11:30 AM Before noon,
  • Financial envelopes opening date and time will be announced after the evaluation and result of technical bid documents.
  • Place of submission and opening: Addis Abeba Liaison Office Mexico Square Coffee and Plantation building ground floor with the presence of bidders or their legal representatives.

4. The Bidders are requested to quote their best Competitive price in birr and cost of related services separately. The unit and total price shall be quoted in the currency of Birr.

5. The bidder shall seal the original and copy of the financial and technical offers in separate envelopes duly marking as “original and “copy” of financial and technical offers” and shall seal both in an outer envelope.

6. Failure to comply with any of the conditions above shall result in an automatic rejection.

7. The factory reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

8. If interested eligible bidders need further information from Assela Malt Factory, they can obtain through the following addresses Address; TEL: +251-22-331-17-99 Assela +251-22-331-13-85 Assela +251-115-54-29-06 Addis Abeba FAX: +251-022-331-11-60 Assela

Oromia Agricultural Cooperative Federation

LTD -Assela Malt Factory

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