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Nazareth & Arsi Soap & Edible Oil Factory Plc

Reporter Jan17,2021


Nazareth & Arsi Soap & Edible Oil Factory PLC invites all interested bidders for the supply of:-

  • A. 1305.36 MT Palm Fatty Acid Distillate from abroad and,
  • B. 100 MT flakes caustic soda Min 98% & above concentration rate from local market
  1. Price:- The bidders should quote their FOB price per MT for PFAD and for Flakes caustic soda per kg in ETB.
  2.  Bids should be accompanied by a bid security of 1% of the bid value in the form of CPO for each items.
  3. Bidders are expected to attach a copy of their currently renewed Business license, VAT & TIN certificates and other related documents.
  4. Bidders should mark Tender No. 03/2013 on their offer and put in the wax sealed envelope in the tender box arranged in the premise of the factory before or on October 4/2021 at 1:30 PM. The tender will be opened on the same date mentioned above at 2:00 PM in the presence of bidders or their authorized representatives.
  5. Bidders could obtain tender document by presenting a copy of their renewed license valid for the current year against payment of nonrefundable birr 100.00 (one hundred birr) form our factory’s commercial department
  6.  Bidders should submit samples at least 1kg of each item 2 days before the opening date of the tender.

The factory has the right to accept or reject the tender partially or fully.

Bidders may obtain further information through:-

Tel (022)-111322 or 1-1128522, Fax 022-1114639

Nazareth & Arsi Soap & Edible Oil Factory