The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU)

The Daily Monitor Dec11,2020

Call for Tender:

The conceptual and structural planning, design development, and construction of a rooftop rainwater harvesting system at five sites in the Lake Tana area, Ethiopia.

For over a hundred years, Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU) has been promoting the interests of people and nature, drawing on its unwavering commitment, specialized know-how, and the backing of 770,000 members and supporters. NABU Is Germany’s oldest and largest conservation NGO with its headquarter In the capital and 15 regional branch offices in almost every federal state of Germany. Over 2,000 volunteer groups around the country support NABU’s work. For many years, our association has also been Internationally active, particularly in Africa, the Caucasus, and Asia. Since 2010 NABU is registered as an international NGO in Ethiopia and has since gained wide-ranging experience in the implementation of projects in the country. NABU’s core expertise in Ethiopia covers planning and establishment of UNESCO biosphere reserves, adaptation to climate change, reforestation, and forest management incl. participatory forest and wetland management, sustainable regional development for livelihood improvement, and capacity building at government and community level.

In order to use our water resources consciously, we all need to understand the importance of preserving their integrity and innovate around its life cycle. Avoid pumping and extracting water from wells, by the means of using rainwater harvesting, which can contribute to preserving this natural resource. Those structures are known for providing extensive advantages for the environment and population, nevertheless being relatively simple, easy to install and operate.

NABU is therefore seeking well-experienced professionals for undertaking the conceptual and structural planning, design development, budget proposal, and construction of rooftop rainwater harvesting system in five different institutions located in five sites in ANRS, within the Lake Tana Watershed area.

Please send your offers electronically in English by 15th of January 2021 to  

The submitted offers should not exceed 10 pages and must contain a convincing CV of the offered expert, proposed remuneration, and the following documents:

  • Certificate of registration for registered contractor status
  • Renewed trade License
  • TIN Certificate
  • VAT Registration Certificate
  • Trade license tax clearance certificate
  • Renewed Certificate of Registration from Ministry of Urban development and construction (MOUDC)
  • Certificate of competence

Interested applicants can ask for the Terms of Reference (ToR) and construction site related info: Selamawit Fikru/