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The Ministry of Urban Development and Construction.

Ethiopian Herald Dec1,2020



This tender is the first stage of an Open Competitive Bidding to participate in the specific bidding Process Through-DB-Project Delivery Method

  1. The Federal Government Building Construction Project Office of the Ministry of Urban Development and Construction (MOUDC) has allocated budget from its own sources towards the cost of new or remaining construction design services and works and intends to apply part of the fund to eligible payments for the services and works to be procured through International Competitive Bidding (ICB) in two stages.
  2. The project is located in Addis Ababa City at various locations. In the case of new projects, the Employer shall provide conceptual design services and in the case of existing projects, the Employer has already carried out Substantial portions of the Architectural and Engineering designs.
  3. The assignment under this Expression of Interest is the first stage of the bidding process and includes the Construction of Design Services and Works based on the Conceptual design and comments thereof for the new projects and the Construction design services and works of the remaining activities of the project, fulfilling all missing designs & revising the already prepared Architectural and Engineering Designs where necessary for the existing projects both pursuant to the Client’s Requirement. The Designs prepared so far and all relevant documents shall subsequently be provided to those qualified bidders, over this expression of interest first stage of the bidding.
  4. The outcome of this Expression of Interest as part of the first stage of the Open International Competitive Bidding serves for this budget year. The projects’ completion times are expected to be 2 to 3 years’.
  5. The Federal Government Building Construction Project Office now invites bidders to submit their expression of interest (EOI), in sealed bids, to participate in this bid by providing the following must meet requirements indicated below.
  6. Interested bidders shall submit the following qualification documents;

a. In the case of Locally Registered bidders,

  • i. Certificate of Registration from Ministry of Urban Development & Construction or other authorized institutions, with Category GC-1 or BC- I Renewed for the Year 2020/21 or (2013 E.C.)
  • ii Trading License renewed for the Year 2020/21 or (2013E.C); and
  • iii. Tax Clearance Certificate, which states that the bidder can participate in any public tender, valid during the bidding phase and VAT Registration Certificate.

b. In case of bidders – other than those registered locally; business organization registration certificate or Trade License together with all necessary legal requirements, issued by the country of establishment.

c. Interested bidders should have experience in at least one Design-Build (DB) Project of equivalent complexity Medium to High Rise Building with substantial & satisfactory completion of at least 70% whose project cost shall not be less than ETB 500 million. As verification, bidders should attach a provisional acceptance certificate or final acceptance certificate or letter of testimonial from their clients along with a copy of Contract Agreements.

7. Bidding will be conducted through the International Competitive Bidding (ICB) procedures and is open to all eligible bidders.

8. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from The Federal Government Building Construction Project Office 5th Floor (MOUDC, Second Building), adjacent to the Head Office of Dashen Bank Tel: +251-118695030 or +251-115581228 P.O. Box 24134/100

9. Bidders shall submit one envelope, verifying their interest.

10.The Expression of Interest (EOI) must be delivered to the address below on or before 16th of December, 2020 at 2:30 PM

To:-The Federal Government Building Construction Project Office 5th Floor (MOUDC, Second Building), adjacent to the Head Office of Dashen Bank, (Tel: +251-118695030 or +251-115581228 P.O. Box 24134/100)


11. Only those qualified bidders to the EOI are invited to participate over the second stage of the bidding process;

12. The Employer reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

MOUDC, Federal Government

Building Construction Project Office