Meseret Humanitarian Organization (MHO)

Addis Admass Jan30,2021

Hope for Women & Children!

Meseret Humanitarian Organization (MHO) is an initiative to reduce vulnerability among children and women in Ethiopia. MHO is local charitable organization that is legally registered under Ethiopian Federal Democratic Republic Law and its registration certificates No 2455, October 14, 2011and it re-registered to the new government proclamation number 1113/2019. MHO envisions seeing all Ethiopian women & children inspire to prosperity. To realize its vision it has a mission statement which is empoweringand changing the personal, social and economic status of all women and children’s of Ethiopia who live in under poverty by giving the opportunities and supports which leads to development.

MHO here invites all interested legalized Auditors general and other responsible bodies to submit their proposal to audit books of account for the year ended December 31, 2020.

The bidder are required for attach renewable business, VAT registration certificate, TIN certificate technical and financial proposal together with date of commencement and completion task within one sealed envelope submit in our office within 5 working days from the first announcement date.

For more information please contact our office by telephone numbers 0911-39-45 61 or 0974-43-43-43

Or physical address Bole, Welo Sefer around Revolution Hotel. Together We Can Change Many Lives!