Reporter Nov15,2020


 Bid No: MT/631/2020

Subject: Announcement of Bid for External Audit Service

5 years ago, MECHATU TRADING S.C, was established with 99 founding shareholders of broad base, with well experienced and educated shareholders of different fields as home grown company to engage in import, export trade and multi-investment. The founder owners of the company raised a subscribed share of Birr 18.5 million.

As per the relevant foundation article of the Share Company, Authorized Audit firm is hired only for three years. Now, the share company would like to invite competent Authorized Audit firm to compete for the bids submitting the required that include technical and financial proposal detailed as below; The fiscal budget year will be 2013 EC to 2015 EC (both years are inclusive):

  1. Organization profile
  2. Renewed trade license
  3. Certificate of Professional Competence from the office of authorized organs
  4. VAT and Taxpayer Registration certificates
  5. Relevant experiences of Auditing
  6. Professional staffs and engagement profile
  7. Proposed fee for the audit service

Interested bidders can submit their sealed docs of technical and financial proposal to our Head Office located at Biftu Building in front of Commerce School, 11th floor, room No. 11.17 within 7 days of this notice. Bid will be opened on Nov 23, 2020 at 10 AM morning,

Tel: +251115577161, Mob: 251911514656, +251930412441