Maed Food Complex Share Company

Ethiopian Herald Jun19,2020



TENDER No.- MFCSC 001/2020 

Maed Food Complex Share Company hereinafter referred to as the Owner invites sealed tenders from eligible suppliers for the supply and erection of pre- Engineered, Roofing, cladding and Related works at Debremarkos town, Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia, the specification of which are found in part 3 section 7. 

  • 1.1. All interested eligible bidders are required to provide a renewed trade license, taxpayers’ registration certificate, VAT registration certificate. Foreign bidders shall submit a business organization registration certificate issued by the country of establishment (Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association, License and Tax Registration of the Firm establishing the Bidder’s eligibility to Bid.)
  • 1.2. Bidders can participate as individual suppliers or as a consortium. In the case of participation as consortium one of them shall be the lead supplier.
  • 1.3. Bidders can purchase a complete set of bidding document at Addis Ababa TIRET Office, Ethio-China Friendship Road, Ambasel building, Six floor, Room number 609 16071, Addis Ababa Ethiopia, or from Tiret head office, ALMA building, Ground floor, office number G-05, upon non-refundable payment of Ethiopian Birr 1000.00 (one thousand Birr). 
  • 1.4. All bids submitted accompanied by a bid security of 1% of the price of the total Price.
  • 1.5. All bid documents can be submitted on or before the closing date of the bid. The closing date will be after the 45thday of Advertisement at 3:00 PM and the opening date will be after the 45th day of the advertisement at 3:30 PM. 
  • 1.6. Bidders shall provide their technical proposal, financial proposal, and bid security in separate envelopes. Each of the documents shall have ‘Original’ and ‘Copy’. Bidders shall write as “TECHNICAL ORIGINAL, TECHNICAL COPY”, “FINANCIAL ORIGINAL” AND “FINANCIAL COPY”.
  • 1.7. For further information and clarification, all queries from bidders shall be addressed to Maed Ford Complex Project manager at the following address. Email address:; Mobile: +251 920773940/+251 9303309317; Tel.; 251 581787907; P.O.Box 1199, Bahirdar, Amahara National Regional State
  • 1.8. All bids shall be submitted to the following address in person: Addis Ababa Tiret Office, Ethio-China Friendship Road, Ambasel building, six-floor, Office number 609/607/, Addis Ababa Ethiopia.
  • 1.9. Bides will be opened in the presence of bidders or their legal representatives who choose to attend at Addis Ababa TIRET Office, Ethio-China Friendship Road, Ambasel building, six-floor, Room number 609/6071, Addis Ababa Ethiopia
  • 1.10. Bides whose representatives or their representatives are not present shall be opened on the date and time indicated in the newspaper advertized.
  • 1.11. Maed Food Complex Share Company reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids if the project shall get the best alternative bid.