Life Center Ethiopia Residents Charity (LC-ERC)

Addis Zemen Dec29,2020

Invitation for Audit Service

Life Center Ethiopia Residents Charity (LCERC) is an indigenous, non-profit making, secular and development-oriented NGO founded in February 2013, by volunteer Ethiopian nationalities. LCERC’s main focus is “ORPHANS AND WIDOWS CARE”. And it regenerates hope and self-esteem for the neglected and uncared for by supporting and empowering them to meet their basic needs; and creating an equitable environment.

LCERC is now seeking for an Authorized Auditor to audit its documents of 2 box files for the year 2020. Therefore, authorized auditors, who fulfill the following criteria and have permission from Charities Agency to audit charity society, can apply and send us the required documents in-person to the address below within 5 days.

  1. Renewed Trade License
  2. Renewed Professional License
  3. Tin Certificate
  4. Time schedule to complete the work
  5. Amount of audit fee to be charged indicating tax, clearly
  6. Qualification and experience testimonials of the firm and auditor to engage

LCERC reserves the right to accept, reject and/or cancel the tender.

If you have any concern, please contact our office by calling:

+251-118389431 or 251-911105655 or

E-mail:  or

P.O. Box: 101519

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

About 300 meters Behind Global Hotel; in front of Kazakhstan Embassy.

Life Center Ethiopian Residents Charity