Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

The Daily Monitor Jul25,2020


Request for Proposal (Quality and Cost Based Selection) Consultancy for Phase II of KOICA’s Stand-alone WaSH Project in Gurage Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia 

  • Date: 26 July 2020 
  • Invitation No.: ET-2020-001 
  1. The Government of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia las received a Grant from the Government of the Republic of Korea Ihrough the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for the Integrated Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Program in Guragę Zone, SNNPR, Ethiopia.
  2. KOICA is acting as the Employer/Client as well as representative of the Financer, or the Government of the Republic of Korea.
  3. The Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Energy (MOWIE) of the federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is the Government institution acting as the Grant Partner on behalf of the Government of Ethiopia.
  4. KOICA Ethiopia Office invites suitably qualified Consultants to submit sealed technical and financial proposal for the project implementation services for Phase II of KOICA’s Stand-alone WaSH Project. The project implementation service includes but not limited to 
  • WaSH facility management
  • WaSHCO and water care takers’ training
  • WaSHCO review meeting
  • Development of WASHCO management operation manual
  • Water Care takers’ refresher training Stakeholder workshop 

Provide Technical and management support to target Woredas’ relevant sector and committees Conduct baseline and endline surveys Design clear survey management and monitoring system 

  • Draw and arrange survey quality assurance systein
  • Design appropriate survey tools and questionnaire 

5.Brief of Bidding 

  1. Employer: KOICA 
  2. Bid Type: Open Competitive Bidding 
  3. Selection of the Successful Bidders: Selection by Technical Proposal, Price Quotation (Quality and Cost Based Selection) and negotiation
  4. Bidder’s Qualification Requirement 
  • Commercial License (Valid as of bid announcement date)
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN) Certificate (Valid as of bid announcement date)
  • Tax Clearance Certificate (Valid as of Bid Announcement Date)
  • VAT Registration Certificate (Valid as of Bid Announcement Date)
  • Bidders, who have not been convicted of foreign bribery in any jurisdiction within the last 5 years (at the time of proposal submission), should sign and submit the ‘Declarallon of erine sai Anti-Corruption in ODA Business Participation’ form (Appendix  upon submission of proposal documents.
  • Joint Venture: Not allowed (including any types of consorllum, partnership, etc.) 
  • Specifications of Work: Please refer to Request For Proposal(RFP)
  • Technical Specifications of Services: Please refer to RFP
  • 8 Bidding explanation (Time and Date, Place) 10:00 AM, 11 August 2020, KOICA Ethiopia Office. Or it would be through the use of virtual meeting. 
  • Bidding Clarification and Collection of Bid Document/RFP (Time and Date, Place): Until 3 September 2020 16:00, KOICA Ethlopia Office 
  • Closing Time and Date for Submission of Proposal Document: By 4 September 2020, 15:30, KOICA Ethiopia Office 
  • Evaluation of Proposal : From 7 September to 9 September 2020, Invitation letter to be sent to qualified bidder
  • Presentation of Proposal: 9 September 2020, KOICA Ethiopia Office, Time TBD
  • Price Opening and Bid Opening: 10 September 2020, KOICA Ethiopia Office, Time TBD
  • Selection of the most favorable bidder and Notification: 11 September 2020, Notification letter to be sent to successful bidder 

6.The available budget for this procurement assignment is 243,460 USD including VAT and Bidders’ Proposals should not exceed this budget. Any bid exceeding the project budget result in rejection of its bid. 

7. The RFP includes the following documents: 

  • Section 1. Request for Proposals (RFP)
  • Section 2. Instructions to Bidders (2.1. General Information, 2.2. Bid Data Sheet)
  • Section 3. Terms of Reference (TOR)
  • Section 4. Technical Proposal Standard Forms
  • Section 5. Financial Proposal Standard Forms
  • Section 6. Standard Forms of Contract 

8. Language of Proposal: English 

9. KOICA Ethiopia Office requires that bidders and contractors observe the highest standard of ethics during the procurement and execution of such contracts. In pursuance of this policy, KOICA; 

  •  will reject a proposal for award if it determines that the bidder recommended for award has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for the contract in question; 
  • will declare company or consultant firm ineligible, either indefinitely or for a stated period of time, to be awarded a KOICA-financed contract if it at any time determines that the firm has engaged in corrupt or fraudulent practices in competing for, or in executing, a KOICA-financed contract; and 
  • will have the right to require that, in contracts financed by KOICA, a provision be included requiring company or consultant firm to permit KOICA to inspect their accounts and records relating to the performance of the contract and to have them audited by auditors appointed by KOICA. 

10. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information on the RFP from KOICA Ethiopia Office by EMAIL ONLY 

11.All bids must be accompanied by a bid security of not less than two point five percent (2.5%) of Total Bid Price or stated fixed amount. When a fixed amount is stated, it should be at least two point five percent (2.5%) of the estimated cost of the Contract, and must be delivered in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders on or before 15:30 PM on 4 September 2020. 

12. KOICA will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by bidders in connection with the preparation or delivery of bids. 

Address: P.O. Box 5652, House No. 097, Woreda 05, Kirkos Sub-city, Addis Ababa Ethiopia Tel No.: +251 11-372-0340/41 E-mail: ethiopia@koica.go.kr 

Attn: Mr. Abiyot Geremew/WaSH Advisor