Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

The Daily Monitor Oct16,2020

Invitation for Pre-Qualification in Procurement of Construction

Date: Oct.2020

Bidding Notice No.: KOICA-Ethiopia-2020.

1.KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) Ethiopia Office invites prospective bidders for the International Competitive Bidding of the ‘Construction of Hetosa Woreda Primary Health Hospital for the  Project “Promoting Maternal, Neonatal and Child Health Services” in  Arsi Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia’. The project is being conducted through the grant aid program of the Government of the Republic of  Korea.

2. Brief of Bid

Bid Title


International Competitive Bidding of Construction of Hetosa Woreda Primary Health Hospital for the Project “Promoting Maternal, Neonatal, and Child Health Services


Summary of Bid


Construction of Hetosa Woreda Primary Health Hospital

  1. Total site area: 48,000 m2
  2. Total building area: 2,488m2
  3. Total floor area: 4,916 m2
  4. Floor:2 floors building
  5. Structure: Reinforced Concrete/ Lightweight Steel truss+ Roof Sheet
  6. Capacity: Main Building, Support Building, guardhouse, powerhouse and etc.


Hetosa Woreda, Arsi Zone of Oromia Region, Ethiopia

Contract Period

21 Months


Basic Amount

USD 3,116,205.00 (Excluding VAT)


Place of submission of PQ application form/Inquiry:

Attention: Mr. Rediet Kedebe (Construction Management Officer) Mr. Seunghwan, Shin (KOICA Deputy Resident Representative in Ethiopia)

Address: P.O.Box 5652, House No.97, Woreda 05, Kirkos Sub-City, Addis

Ababa, Ethiopia / Ethiopia KOICA Office

Tel No: (KOICA Office) +251-11-372-0340

E-mail: (KOICA Office) Ethiopia@koica.go.kr

Time table for Bidding









Submission of PQ Documents


Location: KOICA Ethiopia Office (Bidder should request PQ form through Email or office visit in advance.)

2020.10.23. (fri) 17:00


KOICA Ethiopia Office 


PQ Evaluation


PQ Evaluation (Bidder can submit additional documents by request only one time.)

2020.10.27. (tues)


KOICA Ethiopia Office 


Notice of Invitation to Pre-bid Meeting


Only for the bidders who passed PQ

2020.10.30. (fri)


E-mail, FAX


Pre-bid Meeting

Attendance is mandatory.

2020.11.03. (tues) 14:00


KOICA Ethiopia Office 


Site Visit


Project site visit with Oromia Health Bureau and KOICA

Date to be announced

Project Site


Submission of Expression of Interest


Location: KOICA Ethiopia Office

Eol submission is mandatory.

2020.11.12. (tues) 16:00


KOICA Ethiopia Office 


Submission of Bid Documents

Only for the bidders who submitted Eol


2020.11.16. (mon) 17:00


KOICA Ethiopia Office 


Bid Price opening 


Price Proposal opening


2020.11.19. (tues) 10:00


KOICA Ethiopia Office 


Notification of the Successful Bidder 

Issuing Letter of Acceptance


2020.11.25. (wed)


KOICA Ethiopia Office 


3.Bid Type: Open Competitive Bidding, Pre-Qualification Bidding

-Only bidders who passed the Pre-Qualification evaluation can participate in this Bidding.

4.Estimated Price: The Bidders’ Proposals should not exceed the Estimated Price, which will be decided by calculation from Basic Amount, USD 3,116,205 according to KOICA regulation. Any bid exceeding the value may result in rejection of its bid.

5.Selection of the Successful Bidder: The duly eligible bidder who proposes a reasonable price and gets 95 points or more from the bid evaluation will be selected as a Successful Bidder of the contract. Bid evaluation: Construction capability (30%) + Price Proposal (70%)

6. Pre-Qualification requirements:

A bidder should meet all of the requirements listed below. Please refer to RFP for detailed information.

A. Application form for pre-qualification (prescribed form)

B. Documents proving construction qualification (GC1 or BC1higher license )

C. A copy of the valid Trade License issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry

D. Copy of valid VAT Registration. Certificate, Tax Payer Registration, and Tax Clearance Certificate issued by the National Tax Service

E. Statement of litigation or arbitration involving bidders for the last 3 years (notarization required)

F. Project Manager’s total experience of building-related work

H. should be more than 14 years as of the day of Bidding Notice. De star The person should have the qualification of Chartered Professional Architects/Engineer.

G. Sales and financial documents (based on the exchange rate announced by the central bank at the time)

a)External audit report for the last 3 years (Over USD 1,000,000 annual sales)

(b)Average debt ratio (Debt/Equity) for 3 fiscal years(2016~2018) should be less than 200%

(c)Proof of bank balance (minimum balance of the last 3months USD 50,000)

(d)Proof of transaction credit

H. Completion of at least 3 construction works (including structure, architecture, electricity, mechanical, communication, and sanitary equipment) in the last 10 years (based on the date of the bid announcement), and the total amount of the contract is USD 5.0 million or more, and one of them is a contract of achievement of more than USD 3.0 million (based on the exchange rate announced by the central bank at the time)

(a) Specify related details such as contract name, contract amount, construction period, and client name

(b) A copy of the construction completion certificate issued by the client

I.Certificate of the relevant construction performance for the last 10 years (based on the date of the bid announcement) for hospital and medical facility construction (including structure, architecture, electricity, mechanical, communication and sanitary facilities) with a contract amount of USD 2.0 million or more (based on the exchange rate notified by the central bank at the time)

(a) Specify related details such as contract name, contract amount, construction period, and client name

(b) A copy of the construction completion certificate issued by the client

7. Others:

  • Only qualified Bidders can be invited to the Pre-Bid Meeting in which the bid evaluation criteria explanation and relevant bid documents will be presented. All attendants qualified in the PQ can participate in Bid.
  • Language of Bid: English.
  • All bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security of not less than ETB 500,000.00 amount of bidding price. It must be delivered on or before 17:00 PM on 16th Nov 2020. The guarantee period covered by the Bid Security shall begin prior to the deadline for submission of a bid, then expiring at least 30 days after the above-mentioned deadline. In case the successful bidder fails to sign the contract without a convincing reason, the Bid Security will be confiscated by KOICA.
  • KOICA will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by bidders in connection with the preparation or delivery of bids.
  • All bidders shall refer to the RFP of this project.
  • The announcement made on Monday 12 /2020 on related bidding is void as it contained wrong information.


The announcement made on Monday 12, 2020 on related bidding is void as it contained wrong information