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Ethiopian Herald Nov6,2020

  Invitation to bid

Jimma zone prosperity office has budget to be used for its office building G+4 of jimma zone prosperity party office project in 2013 E.C. in the budget year, so the office invites all eligible bidders of category general contractor of GC-5 or building contractor of BC-4 and above who full fill the following requirement that should be attached with the application

Bid information

  1. Jimma zone finance and economic co-operation now invite to NCB for GC-5 or BC-4 contractors Construction of G+4 Building of Jimma zone prosperity party office
  2. the bidder shall have the trade license and professional license valid and duly renewed Certificate, Supplier Certificate of Registration from the Federal Ministry of Finance and Economic Development /Bureau/office/ of Finance and Economic Development, Valid Business / Trade License in construction, Tax Clearance certificate, VAT registration certificate, and Tin Registration number certificate.
  3. Bidders can obtain tender documents after the bid is advertised on The Ethiopian Herald Newspaper up to 21 working days from Jimma zone finance and economic co-operation office no 9 payment of a non-refundable fee of Ethiopian Birr 500 (Five Hundred)
  4. All bids must be accompanied by a bid security in the form of Certified Payment Order (CPO) or a Bank Guarantee of amount 200,000 Birr / two hundred thousand birr only.) RFP
  5. The bid security shall be valid for 21 days beyond the end of the bid validity period.
  6. The bid completing of the technical and financial documents must be delivered in separate sealed, and stamped envelopes in two copies labels as original and copy, all copies of the bid shall be submitted in a separate envelope. i.e, the technical and financial) and outer envelopes, due to the market as “technical original, copy 1 and copy 2 technical all technical documents in one mother envelope and financial original, copy 1 and copy 2 financial all financial documents in another sealed in one mother document envelope offer.
  7. Bidders should be specified address of the project addresses of the contractor, a sign of contractor, and stumps on each and every envelope clearly unless bid shall be rejected.
  8. Bids will be closed on the 22nd working day as of the bid is advertised on The Ethiopian Herald Newspaper at 10:00 AM and opened in the same day and time the presence of bidders or their authorized representatives who choose to attend the bid opening ceremony at the jimma .zone finance and economic co-operation office at 10:30 AM in the morning.
  9. The financial proposal of the bidders who pass the technical qualification criteria shall be opened in the presence of the bidders who choose to attend on the date to be announced by the technical committee.
  10. Jimma zone finance and economic co-operation offices reserve the right to accept or reject all or part of the bids.

NB: – If the bid opening ceremony date is not a working day the bid opening date will be the next working day

Tele: – 047-111-11-93 or 0471110380


Jimma zone finance and economic cooperation office