Justice for All – PF Ethiopia (JFA-PFE)



Justice for All -PF Ethiopia (JFA-PFE) is a local non-governmental organization that has been actively engaged with promotion and protection of human rights and good governance since 1992. Its major pillars of intervention are: a) capacity building trainings with special focus on the Justice Sector; b) advocacy & policy dialogue; c) holistic support to prisoners; d) peace building and conflict management; e) women and children rights, and f) others including Advocacy on freedom of expression (media law), anti-terrorism and CSO laws. JFA -PFE would like to invite capable consultancy firms and/or individuals for the following research areas.

1. Study on decentralization system in Ethiopia

  • The study is intended to describe review and deeply analyze the decentralization system in Ethiopia.

Objective of the assignment:

  • The major objective of the study is to collect, review, analyze and document the decentralization system of Ethiopia.

Specifically it intends to:

  • Analyze characteristics of the Ethiopian Decentralization System
  • Deeply study the current Federal System of the Country
  • Asses the opportunities and challenges related to the system
  • Examine different viewpoints to the system
  • Position and create a framework for JFA-PFE’s future interventions
  • Give input for decision makers including The Government and/or other stakeholders
  • Document the outputs of the research

Required Qualification:

  • Proven professional experience in handling high-end research works preferably in related areas,
  • Proven professional experience in Political Science, Statistics,Justice, Governance and related fields;
  • Proven capacity to deliver quality and timely services

2. Study Research on the Nature and Causes of conflict in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State

Objective of the assignment:

The study is intended to describe the situation, establish cause-effect relationships among variables and deeply analyze the nature of the conflict in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State between the Gumuz and Amhara ethnic groups as a case to examine the relationship with the current Ethnic Based System of Governance. The major objective of the study, therefore, is to collect and analyze preliminary information on type, nature, causes and its impacts on the community under review and the Country in general. Besides, the study shall, based on the analysis, propose solutions as to how the conflict might be transformed and the peace of the community built and how it could be replicated nationally.

Specifically it intends to analyze:

  • Unique features of the conflict
  • How frequent the recurrence of the conflict is
  • Effect of the political environment
  • Effect of the national and regional laws and legal environment
  • The unique signs or signals of the conflict before its occurrence
  • Reponses of the government, the local community and other stakeholder before, during and post conflict situations
  • How effective are the responses in managing and transforming the conflict, and in maintaining and building the peace of the community.

Required Qualification

  • Proven professional experience in handling high end research preferably in related areas
  • Proven professional experience Political Science Statistics and related fields.
  • Proven capacity to deliver quality and timely services

How to apply:

Interested and qualified consulting firms and individuals con collect the TOR form the Head Office of JFA-PFE and submit a completed proposal with both technical and financial sections in a sealed envelops within 10 working days of the announcement. The TOR can be collected from JFA-PFE Office, Monday to Friday. 9:30 to 12:00 in the moring and from 1:30 to 4:00 in the afternoon.



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