Hunger Project

Ethiopian Herald Dec6,2020

Call for Expression of Interest for Audit Service

The Hunger Project Ethiopia is an international non-profit organization registered with the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Civil Societies and Organizations Agency under license number 0685. The organization is specifically involved in integrated community development programs such as literacy and education, health and nutrition, environmental protection and rehabilitation, child marriage, and microfinance program.

The Hunger Project Ethiopia would like to invite eligible audit firms under the approved list of AABE (Accounting and Auditing Board of Ethiopia) provided by Civil Societies and Organizations Agency to conduct the annual audit of books of accounts for the fiscal year 2020. Interested audit firms should have:

  • ┬áRenewed professional license
  • Registered Certified Chartered Accountants
  • Tax Identification Number Certificate and Value Added Tax Certificate
  • Adequate and Experienced Personnel
  • At least 5 years of experience with international NGOs with similar activities and evidence of performance for such similar tasks

Qualified audit firms under the above category are therefore requested to submit their technical and financial proposals outlining the background, methodology schedules. Professional staffing list and cv for evidence of work done for other similar NGOs and time frame for reporting mechanisms. The deadline for submission is 10 working days from the date of the advertisement in the newspaper.

Technical and financial proposals should be in separate sealed envelopes and hand-delivered and inserted in the tender box at our office located at Gulele k/k wereda 4 house no. 938.

For further information, you can contact tel. no 0111267950,0111267157, mobile phone 0911309047/0912223974

Hunger Project Ethiopia