HelpAge International (HAI)

Reporter Oct21,2020

Request for Quotation: Ref #: HAI-ETH 005/10/20

Open Tender for supply of Covid-19 PPE Items.

HelpAge is an international network, bringing together more than 114 affiliates and 200 partners working with older people in over 50 countries. The Africa Regional Centre works with a range of partners across Africa to deliver programming in several key areas: HIV/AIDS & health; income security & livelihoods; emergency response & DRR and rights of older people. HelpAge has been present in Ethiopia since the year 1992 and currently implementing multi sector programmes (health, refugee assistance, drought mitigation, social protection etc.) in Gambella, SNNPR, and Oromia regions of Ethiopia.

The organization works closely with various ministries and authorities of the Government of Ethiopia (Ministries of social protection, rural development, health, ARRA, DPPB among others). Ethiopia country program works closely with an affiliate organization, Ethiopian Elderly Pensioners National Association (EEPNA) and other implementing partners, in programming as well as campaigning activities to address issues of older persons.

HelpAge International Ethiopia Program Office would like to invite qualified and interested bidders for the provision of Covid-19 PPE items.

The firm is invited to provide a quotation based on the following quantity and requirements:

Total Quantity and detail description

Items to be Purchased

Unit of Measurement


Specification details


Laundry Bar Soap 250Gm



  • 250 Gm Laundry Bar Soap,
  • plastic covered and perfumed.


Liquid Hand Wash Soap 500 ml



  • Plastic Bottled, Fragrance,
  • Antibacterial Agent,
  • Glycerin for prevention hand outside conditions


Re-usable Fabric Face Mask



  • 100% polyester functional mask 3 layer
  • Microfiber, high density weaving structure
  • Fluorocarbon C6 water repellent protection
  •  Can be protect from liquid droplet
  • Can be washable, quick dry
  • Water repellent
  • performance 25 times wash
  • Suitable for public use protection mask


Hand Sanitizer 500 ml






  • Alcohol based hand Sanitizer
  • Hand antiseptic for personal use
  • Plastic Bottled
  • Fragrance, Antibacterial Agent,
  • Glycerin for prevention hand outside conditions,


Note for bid submission:

  1. Bidders shall submit their financial and technical proposal based on the above information
  2. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, we cannot gather bidders on bid opening date. Bid result will be notified.

Criteria for Evaluation:

  • Renewed Business License on respective area
  • TIN Certification,
  • VAT registration certificate
  • Proof of track record in supply of similar services.
  • All Quotations must be clearly presented in English or/and Amharic.
  • Clarity of specifications and presentation of the bid offer, quality, delivery time and value for money principles will be considered in the evaluation of the bid.
  • All interested vendors are invited to submit a quotation for the above mentioned items in respect of the above referenced Request for Quotation (RFQ).
  • Submitted Quotation could be used as the basis for a contract between your firm/institution and HelpAge International.
  •  The completed set of tender documents shall be submitted in plain sealed and stamped envelope in person indicating Tender No. and name’ in ‘Original and “Copy” properly bounded with identifying the sender and address.
  • The envelope must also clearly state “Not to be opened Before: Date: 02 November 2020, at 02:30 PM (8:30 O’clock in the afternoon, local time).
  • Closing deadline: Friday 30 October, Time: 04:00 PM (10:00 O’clock in the afternoon, local time) and will be opened on 02 November at 02:30pm (08:30 A.M Local Time).
  • Address: Axum Building 4th Floor, Addis Ababa (on the way from Urael to Atlas) for
  • further contact and information, Tel: 011 12 61 535/37 Mob.09 27832407
  • Note: Quotations Transmitted in any other manner than those indicated above will not be considered.

Our vision is a world in which all older people fulfil their potential to lead dignified, active, healthy and secure lives.