Green Love Appreciative Development (GLAD)

Ethiopian Herald Jan1,2021

Call for Audit Service

Green Love Appreciative Development (GLAD) is a legally registered Ethiopian Civil Society Organization would like to invite interested and legible external auditor firms to submit their technical and a financial proposal in a separate envelope for audit service of its accounts for the financial fiscal year of 2019.

Interested audit firms have to send their proposal including copies of:

  1. Renewed professional licensees
  2. Registered chartered account certificate
  3. Tax identification number and value-added tax certificate
  4. Renewed business license
  5. Relevant skill ( work experience)
  6. Adequate and experienced personnel
  7.  Profile of previous audited organizations
  8. Any other additional documents that you think to support you in computation can be attached

The total amount of money to be audited in the the fiscal year was about 5,425,000.00 Interested applicants can submit their experience of interest audit fee including time to complete the audit should described in your letter of interest in sealed envelope to our office within 7 (seven) days from the date of the announcement by the following address. Best way to send is DHL Assosa and AHUNUNU Assosa.

Green Love Appreciative Development (GLAD)

Tel +251577752379

Mob: 0911853204/0910474498