Gibe Didessa farmers cooperative union office

15st day at 9:00AM

Invitation for Re-biding

  1. Gibe Didessa farmers cooperative union office has allocated budget towards a construction of Mechanization Service Center project in Uke -East Wollega Zone.
  2. Gibe Didessa farmers cooperative union  invites wax-sealed bids from eligible bidders to all National Contractors of class BC-5/GC-6 & above that shall submit certificate of Registration from Oromia Construction Bureau/Federal ministry of construction /for the current budget year 2012E.C and who have renewed their trade license current year and have got VAT registration certificate & Tax Identification Number/TIN and Tax clearance Certificated valid during the bidding period from the concerned body.
  3. The office must check the copies of the legal documents against the original during purchase.
  4. Bidding documents purchased from Gibe Didessa farmers cooperative union office finance department. For a non-refundable fee of birr 1000 (One thousand only) at working hours.
  5. Bids must be valid for a period of 60+28 days after opening and must be accompanied by a bid security of birr 100,000(One hundred thousand ) in the form of CPO or Unconditional Bank guarantee & shall be delivered to Gibe didessa farmers cooperative union office. As stated in BDS.
  6. The bid security to be submitted by a bidder shall carefully address the Employer’s name, the exact name of the project for which it is submitted and the validity of the bid security.Failure of stating any of which would cause rejection from the bid.
  7. Requirements on the technical (qualification) documents are stated on the bid document.
  8. Technical qualification document shall be prepared in an original and two copies in a properly signed, stamped and separately wax-sealed envelope, clearly making” original, copy 1 and copy
  9. The financial document shall be prepared in One Original and two copies. The Original & the copies shall be sent stamped and wax-sealed in a separate envelope clearly making “Original copy 1 & copy 2.
  10. Both the technical and financial documents shall be submitted to single envelope & addressed to Gibe didessa farmers cooperative union office before the deadline for bid submission.
  11. Submission & Opening of bid will be at Gibe didessa farmers cooperative union finance office
  • a. The deadline of bid submission (both qualification and financial offers) shall be at 9:00AM on the 15st day from the first announcement date. Let bids shall be automatically rejected.
  • b. The qualification document will opened at 9:30 Am on the same date of bid submission.

12. Completion time for the construction work shall be 180 calendar days.

13. The Gibe didessa farmers cooperative office reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.

14. Contractor’s having contracts of any projects in NGO, University within our zone and having not completed 60% of it should not allowed to participate in this bid.

15. For more information

16. Tel. No 0576617841 /0917818349


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