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The Reporter Aug8,2020


On behalf of the German government and the European, Union GIZ is implementing the Skills Initiative for Africa (SIFA). SIFA is an AUC program working both with the African Union Commission HRST and the African Union Development Agency (AUDA-NEPAD). Within the scope of SIFA the African Continental Qualification Framework (ACQF) will be developed with assistance from the European Training Foundation (ETF). 

For the second phase of the ACQF-project GIZ is looking for 

  • a. 1 short-term expert (Advisor) for up to 230 expert days – period: September 2020 to May 2022 
  • b. 6 short-term experts (ACQF Task Force) to develop and draft the outputs indicated in 1. below – for up to 90 expert days each in the period September 2020 to May 2022. 

1.Main outputs: 

  • Report of feasibility analysis of the ACQF as a sustainable policy instrument for the AU developed; 
  • ACQF policy and the technical document supported by an Action Plan developed. 
  • Developed learning content for ACQF capacity development program 2021-2022, focused on themes and issues relevant to the domain of qualifications frameworks. 

2. Timeline: September 2020 to May 2022 

3. Required profile for the Advisor: 

  • a. Areas of expertise: qualifications frameworks in Africa – outstanding experience in research, development, support to implementation and review, qualifications systems and frameworks globally, AU policies in the domain of education and training; harmonization of education and training: formats and modalities, mechanisms, experiences. 
  • b. Very good drafting skills; team management skills; communication and negotiation skills; good coaching and training skills; proficient English user, knowledge of French or Portuguese language is an asset. 

4. Required profiles for the experts of the ACQF Task Force 

  • a. Area of expertise 1 – qualifications frameworks: outstanding knowledge of national qualifications frameworks and systems in Africa; regional qualifications frameworks in Africa; good knowledge of international developments in the domain of qualifications and qualifications frameworks; knowledge of international regional / meta-frameworks frameworks. 
  • b. Area of expertise 2 – regional economic communities in Africa: good knowledge of regional economic communities (RECs) in Africa: education, training and qualifications policies, cooperation, and integration. Governance of RECs, interplay with national policies, and the AUC. 
  • C. Area of expertise 3 – African Union: policy and legal framework and institutional setting of the African Union; policy consultation and decision-making processes of the African Union; legal instruments of the African Union and their application in the This project is co-funded by the European Union and the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development domains related with the assignment (education, training, skills, youth, quality assurance, certification). 
  • d. Skills: Language proficient users (languages: English, or French, or Portuguese, or Arabic). English is a prerequisite as it will be the working language of the team. Excellent drafting skills. Teamwork skills. Good communication and negotiation skills. Good time management, orientation to objectives, sense of quality of own work processes, and deliverables. Digital skills, experience with virtual meetings. 

The advisor and the experts of the ACQF Task Force will work as a team under thematic and technical steering and coordination of the ACQF project team. 

If you are interested in providing your services, please 

  • a.) Indicate for which position you apply (adviser or expert for the task force) and 
  • b.) provide your CV and other relevant information indicating that you fulfil the above requirements as well as 
  • c.) the daily rate you will charge for your services. The daily rate should include all your fees (professional fees, communication costs, etc.) excluding travel costs. 

Travel costs, per diem in case of travel will be covered by the project and should not be included. 

The evaluation of candidates will be based the following combined weighing: 

  • 70% for thematic expertise and skills 
  • 30% for the price offer 

Thematic expertise and skills will be weighted as follows:


Weighting for Adviser

Weighting for experts of the ACQF Task Force

Leadership + Management



Area of expertise 1 (NQF)



Area of expertise 2 (REC)



Area of expertise 3 (AU)






Interested parties could enter their bit for the adviser post and for the expert posts simultaneously. 

Before submitting any bid, interested bidders should collect further bidding documents listed down by contacting the e-mail address betelhem.gizaw@giz.de or pcc@giz.de.   

  • Invitation letter 
  • Technical evaluation criteria’s 
  • Bid sheet 
  • GIZ General terms and conditions local/international 

Bids are expected to be sent until 30.08.2020 to betelhem.qizaw@giz.de   or pcc@giz.de  

Contracts will be concluded by the GIZ office in the country of residence. Consultants are 

expected to start working in September 2020.